If you’ve heard of the craze regarding penis extenders, then you might have already heard of the Phallosan Forte. As one of the most popular penis extenders in the market, the Phallosan Forte is claimed to provide amazing and even permanent results in just 6 months of continuous usage!


But what exactly is Phallosan Forte? Who manufactured it, and how exactly does it work? Let’s find out.


What is the Phallosan Forte?


The Phallosan Forte is one of the new enlargement products on the market which is developed by Germany-based company Swiss Sana. According to them, it is capable of increasing not just the penis’ length but its girth as well. They also claim that it can help correct a curved penis, treat erectile dysfunction, and even enhance its user’s sexual life by giving an increase in the quality of his erection and orgasm.


As an additional benefit, its intelligent design allows its wearer to use it without experiencing any discomfort.


How does it work?


Now that you know what the Phallosan Forte is, let’s now talk about how it works. Basically, the device is worn by using a tension belt. It enhances your penile length and girth by extending your penis using a firm tension.


The pressure which is then applied to the penis will help increase blood flow towards it. This process alone allows users to enjoy the benefits that the Phallosan Forte offers. An increase in blood flow means an increased sensitivity to the penis. As such, men are able to achieve harder, bigger, and longer-lasting erections.


Also, there are some reports about a number of patients who were able to get rid of conditions such as premature ejaculation and dysfunction by simply using this device regularly. Another major benefit of using the Phallosan Forte lies in its ability to help in the expansion of current tissues and formation of new ones.


The device works via mechanical stretching. It efficiently and safely stretches the entire penis to increase its length and girth. With continuous usage, the erectile tissues will then increase the girth and length of the penis. Aside from that, it also enhances its user’s overall sexual performance, a claim that’s further confirmed by its users.


How to use it?


To use the device, you’ll need to position the tip of your penis to the protector cap that resembles a little rubber beanie. After that, simply take the glass bell then roll over its rubber sleeve. You may then put the head of your penis inside. Lastly, roll the condom sleeve back over your penis.


After wearing successfully, you may now proceed to pumping. Do so by pumping the bell pump, effectively creating pressure on the inside. Then, fix the belt around the hips to create a constant tension which is required to stretch your penis. The stretching will cause micro-tears in your organ’s tissues which, when done continuously, can lead to increasing your penis.


What makes it unique compared to other extenders?


There are quite a lot of extenders in the market. However, Phallosan Forte is one of the few that actually works.


That aside, it doesn’t induce any pain or discomfort while wearing it even when sleeping. Hence, you can enjoy a sound sleep regardless of your position. It can also accommodate your penis during an erection. Perhaps the only time you’ll have to remove it is when peeing or during sexual intercourse.


It’s not to say, however, that other extenders won’t provide you with any results. The difference is that they may take a longer time to achieve results, not to mention they’re more painful, compared to the Phallosan Forte.


With the Phallosan Forte, you can easily gain a few inches in just a few months of continuous use as it won’t interface with your daily activities at all, except during times when you have to take it off then put it on again.


Conclusion – Is it Worth Buying?

With all the positive reviews that the product has received, the answer is simply Yes. With the Phallosan Forte, you can get to enjoy a longer penis length with a wider girth. Say goodbye to your dull sex life and enjoy longer-lasting erections and an improve sexual performance overall!