If you feel like you’re not having a happy sex life recently due to a seemingly short manhood, then perhaps now is the time you start using penis extenders. There are a few popular ones on the market, and one of them is the Phallosan Forte.


What exactly is the Phallosan Forte?


This product is a penis extender which allows you to increase your penile length. It’s a patented device that’s manufactured by Germany-based company Swiss Sana. According to them, the Phallosan Forte is capable of giving you permanent results, meaning you can enjoy an increased penile length for the rest of your life!


Additionally, the product is approved by the FDA and is even available in a number of medicine stores throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


The product specifically aims to resolve the curvature issue known as Peyronie’s disease which can be found among a lot of men. It’s also helpful in helping patients who have undergone a prostate surgery recover a lot faster than normal.


Those aside, what exactly are its benefits? What results can you get when you use the Phallosan Forte?


Compared to most penis extenders in the market, it has a unique design and is capable of providing you with a lot more comfort without compromising its effectiveness. It is designed to give you a permanent increase in both penile girth and length by using it continuously for 6 months.


What are the results you can expect?


Just like any other penis extenders in the market, the Phallosan Forte is said not just to increase your penis’ length but its size as well. With a lot of similar products available, it’s been a bit harder to determine if it really works or not.


Therefore, we’ve conducted a number of research and dig deeper into all user reviews about the Phallosan Forte. What turned out was amazing, considering that most of the reviews about this product were actually positive.


If you’re interested in using this product to achieve results, you should, however, keep in mind that the results may vary from user to another. In most cases, users were able to experience around 1-2 inches of improvement during their 6 months of continuous usage. Additionally, the results they achieved were permanent!


A study which was conducted back in 2005 included 36 men who were instructed to use the extender for 6 months. According to the results of the study, the average gains were as follows:


Girth flaccid – 1.4 cm

Length flaccid – 3.7 cm


Aside from that, the product is also known to resolve a number of medical problems such as:


  • Prostate surgery – the erectile tissue found in the penis will tend to convert into inelastic connective tissue following a prostate surgery, hence causing the penis to lose its rigidity and shrink in size. If you’ve been through such treatment, using the Phallosan Forte can help you regain that rigidity and size you once had. Along with this, you can also regain your happy sex life.
  • Retraction penis – this condition is due to obesity in which the penis gets back to the subcutaneous fat. As a result, men who’re suffering from this problem can’t engage in sex. The Phallosan Forte can resolve this issue by pulling the penis out from the fatty tissue. This is actually helpful when the sufferer is having issues with losing weight.
  • Innate curvature – likewise known as Peyronie’s disease, a curved penis is due to a scar tissue forming along the corpora cavernosa. Men who have this condition can suffer from occasional pain and even have difficulties during sexual encounters depending on the curvature. In most cases, this can be remedied using a medical treatment. However, you can also use a traction device like the Phallosan Forte to correct the curvature. Needless to say, it’s a far better and less expensive solution.
  • Erectile dysfunction because of diabetes – if you have diabetes, you can suffer from insufficient blood flow towards your penis, thus leading to erectile dysfunction. The Phallosan Forte fixes this by improving blood flow towards your member, allowing you to experience stronger erections.




A large number of positive user reviews can attest to the effectiveness of using the Phallosan Forte. Aside from extending penile length and girth, it can also resolve a ton of problems, even premature ejaculation, given you use it on a continuous basis.