Quick Summary:
This extender is one of the oldest and still most popular extenders in the USA market.It is known for its noose based design with a double strap, which is more effective apart from being more hygienic. It is one of the few products which has a separate version for curved penis issue. QEP gives visible results after around 6 months for regular usage. Compared to other extenders, it creates higher tension and tends to give quicker long term results. It is recommended for serious users who are committed to giving time to increase the size of the penis. Deluxe Standard Edition should be most suitable for most users and value edition is recommended for the budget customers. It is highly recommended to buy from the official website to stay clear of fake products. This review is based on Deluxe Limited edition but most of the parts should be applicable to other editions as well.

Detailed Review

Will the Quick Extender Pro give you the bigger penis you want? And just how quickly do you get the improvements?

Quick Extender Pro’s design is made by Innovatech Designs Inc., a New York-based organization. It has been around since 2007, That’s long enough in the penile enhancement industry for the makers to know what works and what the customers want. The product has gone through several design changes to find the sweet spot between comfort and tension required for lasting results. In addition, it’s also an actual American brand as opposed to other reputable brands that are made in Europe. While being American-made doesn’t automatically make the QEP a higher-quality device, it does mean that customer support(also shipping) is going to be smoother. You get plenty of phone numbers to dial and if you’re an American, communication will be easier. If you are here just to get a coupon code or the best deal, check the code below. In this quick extender pro review, I will examine if it really gives the desired results and how it stands compared to others.

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Holidays Deal -84% Off from Max. Price –  (Verified on 10th Jan 2022)

Holidays Deal -84% Off from Max. Price – (Verified on 10th Jan 2022)

Use this code to get a total of 84% OFF! Click on SHOW CODE, copy the code then click on "Go to Offer" and apply it in the checkout in the DISCOUNT CODE box. 84% Off + $50 worth Memory foam pads upgrade kit+ Applicable for all models.

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How Does It Work?

Like any other penis extender (the most effective penis enlargement device), it uses traction to cause a size gain in your penis.

Science behind Extenders

The device stretches out the penis farther out. This causes microscopic tears in the penis tissues. Don’t worry about these tears, since these things tend to happen to various body parts on a regular basis.

In fact, this is what happens when you lift weights to build muscles. The heavyweights cause tears in the muscle fibers, so the muscles rebuild and become bigger as a result. You get a similar reaction with the use of the penile extender, as the tissues in the penis also rebuild and consequently become bigger. The cells divide and multiply, and this cell division process is the customary process for tissue growth. In the end, you get a longer and thicker penis. Scientifically, this is known as Mitosis & Cytokinesis.

There have been numerous clinical studies on penis extenders and most studies have found good results for increasing length and girth. Here is one of the most-cited research report by Nikoobakht M1, Shahnazari A, Rezaeidanesh M.

RESULTS: Twenty-three cases with a mean age of 26.5  years entered the study. The mean flaccid penile length increased from 8.8 (+/-) 1.2 cm to 10.1 (+/-) 1.2 cm and 10.5 (+/-) 1.2 cm, respectively, in the first and third months of follow-up, which was statistically significant (P < 0.05). Mean stretched penile length also significantly increased from 11.5 (+/-)1.0 cm to, respectively, 12.4 (+/-)1.3 cm and 13.2 (+/-)1.4 cm during the first and second follow-up (P < 0.05). No significant difference was found regarding proximal penile girth. However, it was not the same regarding the circumference of the glans penis (9.3 ? 0.86 cm vs. 8.8 ? 0.66 cm, P < 0.05).

CONCLUSION: Our findings supported the efficacy of the device in increasing penile length. Our result also suggested the possibility of glans penis girth enhancement using penile extender. Performing more studies is recommended.

Special Features

The basic design of penile extenders remains the same regardless of the brand you pick. However, Quick Extender Pro does offer several unique features.

The first notable feature is the use of the double-strap system (DSS). This uses 2 silicone straps to secure your penis to the device much more securely. In addition, this is a much more comfortable design because the strain is spread to the 2 tubes instead of to just one. Also, the use of the silicone for the strap is much more comfortable and hygienic than the usual material used for comfort straps in other penile extenders.

The additional comfort also helps you use the device for more hours at a time. That should offer better and faster results. But what really speeds up the process is the prospect of using more traction force than what’s available in other penile extenders. The Quick Extender Pro offers double the traction forces available in other models. The effect of this is like lifting heavier weights for bigger muscles in a shorter amount of time.

The comfort pads in the QEP is much more comfortable. It’s not just because the pads are medical-grade. It’s also because there are air pockets here that allow the inevitable perspiration to evaporate. Other comfort straps don’t have this feature.

Finally, the rods and other metal components are all made from aluminum. This makes it both strong and lightweight, so you don’t feel like there’s a heavyweight pulling down on your penis uncomfortably when you wear this for hours at a time.

You have several models and packages to choose from to better suit your needs and budget.

  • Value Edition.

    This only costs about $120 ($119.23, to be exact). But you get a lot of value for your money. Your set includes a deluxe travel pouch, in which you can find the device components as well as a measuring tape. The traction force here goes up to 3000 grams, and this can extend up to 7 inches.
  • Deluxe Standard Edition

    Now, this with 6 comfort pads and 6 silicone tubes so that you can still use the device while you get the used comfort pads and silicone tubes clean. The traction force reaches up to 3500 grams. This package even comes with a month’s supply of Rizer XL, which is an herbal supplement that can help with penile enhancement. It is marginally effective for getting a bit better erection. Finally, this also comes with a 6-month guarantee. If during that time you’re not satisfied with your improvements, you can return the package and get your money back. This costs $180.
    Deluxe Standard Unboxed
  • Deluxe Limited Edition

    This is the top of the line edition. The limited in the package name isn’t about limited components, but about having limited supplies available. In other words, get it quickly if you want it, or else the supply may run out. It will cost you about $350, but then you get special perks like a 3-month supply of Rizer XL, traction up to 4000 grams, numerous spare parts, and a special medical-grade comfort pad with memory foam for extra comfort. There’s even a 6-volume DVD set included to help you use the device in the most effective ways possible. Finally, it also comes with a booster pump that gives you a larger erection for special nights, though this is a temporary effect.
  • Curvature Correction and Peyronies

    Peyronie’s disease refers to the condition that has your penis curving too much. While all the Quick Extender Pro editions are able to straighten the penis, this edition is specially designed for that specific purpose. Here you also get memory foam comfort and a special herbal supplement, plus the usual 6-month guarantee.


The Deluxe limited is the bestseller edition among the bunch, with the right mix of price and accessories. However, lots of people do say that the memory foam pads in the Limited edition are very nice, and you also get to use a stronger traction force if you can handle the force.


How do you use a Quick Extender Pro?

The first thing you need to do is to assemble the item, which should be easy enough with the instructions. Then you can set it up so that the top of the 2 silicone straps sets right below the head of your penis. You insert the penis through the base ring and then pull on the straps to secure the penis and prevent any slippage.

Then you adjust the length of the rods on the side of the penis to exert the amount of force you want. If you’re a beginner you should start with a lighter force and perhaps only an hour or so at a time. Once you get used to the feeling, you can then use it for longer periods of time. You can even wear it while you sleep, especially if you know you don’t move around too much. Once you get the extra length after a few months, you can then readjust the rods for greater comfort and more traction force.

That’s basically all there is to it. You should clean the components regularly, just like you would your underwear. That’s to prevent any hygienic issues.


Here are some of the benefits of Quick Extender Pro:

  • You have several nice options available, and there’s even a special edition for you if your problem is more about having too much of a curve on your penis.
  • The prices are very reasonable, and even the cost of the top of the line model isn’t really downright prohibitive.
  • It’s very easy to assemble and use, and you can clean it without any hassle.
  • You can use a lot more force if you can tolerate it. This is a major advantage if you feel that using 2000 grams of force isn’t enough. Here you can get up to 3500 or even 4000 grams of force, for faster and more impressive size gains.
  • Here you have silicone straps, air pockets for ventilation, and memory foam for the pads to make sure you’re really comfortable. This lets you use this for longer hours at home while you sleep.
  • The double strap system really secures the penis to the device. This is a big deal since slippage is always a major annoyance. That’s especially true when you’re in public wearing the device.
  • There’s a 6-month guarantee, which means that you’re not really risking your money. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back and 6 months is enough time to see if it works for you.
  • It comes in a nice travel pack so you can bring it anywhere.
  • There are various accessories and replacement components available, so you can just replace those components when you need to. There?s no need to buy the whole thing instead if something goes wrong.


It’s not perfect, as some issues need to be factored in.

  • Perhaps the most crucial issue is the huge traction force available. It’s a good thing if you can tolerate 4000 grams of force, but not everybody can. For newbies, that’s just too much. The danger is if you’re not careful and you use the maximum force right away. That can be really dangerous and can cause injury if you’re not used to that traction setting.
  • It’s a bit bigger than other models, which means that you may not be able to wear this out in public even with looser clothes.

Compared with Other Penile Extenders

The Quick Extender Pro really stands out in 2 key ways. First, it’s different when it comes to the maximum traction force available. You can get up to 4,000 grams of force, compared to the usual 1500 to 2000 grams limit you find in other models.

Secondly, you are generally more comfortable using this than other models. It’s lightweight due to the use of aluminum, and also you have features like air pockets and memory foam for the pads. You also don’t have to worry much about slippage, since the double strap system works like a charm.

Quick Extender Pro Vs Phallosan Forte

QEP beats Phallosan in terms of durability(Phallosan’s glass structure is quite fragile) due to its sturdy design with DSS. It also has a better no questions asked flexible money-back policy compared to the limited 2 weeks window of Phallosan Forte. But, most people find Phallosan more comfortable due to its vacuum cup head although the double strap system makes QEP(its materials a bit heavier than Phallosan) a close second. But, the comfort factor also makes it susceptible to slower gains compared to QEP.

Quick Extender Pro Vs Sizegenetics (SG)

Sizegenetics’s wide strap design makes it the least comfortable among the most popular extenders. So, QEP beats SG in the comfort section by a wide margin.

Sizegenetics’s money-back policy demands users to produce proof of usage over a long period of time (5 hrs a day for over 4 months) compared to no such limitation by Quick extender pro. Here also QEP is the winner.

Sizegenetics is the most durable among popular penis extenders. But, I think it is not as important criteria for most users.

QEP’s pricing is more versatile as value/standard editions are more affordable than Sizegentics and its premium version known as the limited edition suits as direct competition to SG in terms of pricing.

My Quick Extender Pro Results

I tried this out after using Phallosan Forte (switched to QEP to get faster results ) for a few months. That means that I can deal with 4,000 grams of force, after slowly getting to that range. I used this for a few hours at first at minimal force settings, but after 2 months I was able to get to 4,000 grams for 5 hours a day. It’s very comfortable to wear so the time period isn’t a problem.

I really did get quick results, even though I eased my way up the force settings. In 3 months, I got an extra half-inch in length, and in less than 7 months I got an extra inch. With other penile extenders, you might need 9-12 months to get similar results. It really does work faster, as long as you can tolerate the maximum force. It’s very comfortable as well, and I didn’t get any rashes.

The booster pump is also great, as it gave me stronger erections when I was on a special date. I don’t know about the effectiveness of the supplement, but it may work for you.

My Quick Extender Pro Routine

I stuck to this routine for the entire time period and it worked really well.

Tips to follow:

  • Take a hot shower and prepare for warmup and 7-8 minutes of side to side and up and down stretches
  • QEP was worn ~2h at a time before taking off for 20 minutes rest
  • QEP was worn during the day and evening only – not while sleeping
  • I wore it under my trousers/pants

Here is a typical schedule. My objective was to reach 8 hours per day gradually after 2-3 months.

My Routine (Click to see full details)

Added one small extension piece (.5cm) to the original device length wore for
Week 1

  • Monday: 2 hrs
  • Tuesday: 2 hrs
  • Wednesday: 2 hrs
  • Thursday: 2 hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)
  • Friday: 4 hrs

Week 2

  • Monday: 4 hrs
  • Tuesday: 4 hrs
  • Wednesday: 4 hrs
  • Thursday: 4 hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)
  • Friday: 6 hrs

Week 3

  • Monday: 6 hrs
  • Tuesday: 6 hrs
  • Wednesday: 6 hrs
  • Thursday: 6 hrs/ added (.5cm extension rod)

Week 4

  • Monday: 6 hrs
  • Tuesday: 6 hrs
  • Wednesday: 6 hrs
  • Thursday: 6 hrs
  • Friday: 6 hrs

Week 5

  • Monday: 8hrs
  • Tuesday: 8hrs
  • Wednesday: 6hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)
  • Thursday: 8hrs
  • Friday: 8hrs

Week 6

  • Monday: 8hrs
  • Tuesday: 8hrs
  • Wednesday: 8hrs
  • Thursday: 8hrs
  • Friday: 8hrs
  • Saturday: 6h / added (.5cm extension rod)

Week 7

  • Tuesday: 8h
  • Wednesday: 8h
  • Thursday: 8h
  • Friday: 10h
  • Saturday: 10h
  • Sunday: 2hrs / added .5cm extension rod

Week 8

  • Monday: 10hrs
  • Tuesday: 10h
  • Wednesday: 6h
  • Friday: 8h
  • Saturday: 6h

Week 9

  • Monday: 8h
  • Tuesday: 6h
  • Wednesday: 8h / added (.5cm extension rod)
  • Thursday: 7h
  • Friday: 8h
  • Saturday: 1h

Week 10

  • Monday: 8h
  • Tuesday: 8h
  • Wednesday: 8h
  • Thursday: 8h
  • Friday: 8h

Continue till you get desired gains in length

Where to Buy

You need to buy Quick Extender Pro from the official website at quickextenderpro.com. You should not risk getting a fake product, or not getting anything at all. At the official site, you get the real price, the guarantee, and support. Fake ones can even harm you permanently!

84% OFF

Holidays Deal -84% Off from Max. Price –  (Verified on 10th Jan 2022)

Holidays Deal -84% Off from Max. Price – (Verified on 10th Jan 2022)

Use this code to get a total of 84% OFF! Click on SHOW CODE, copy the code then click on "Go to Offer" and apply it in the checkout in the DISCOUNT CODE box. 84% Off + $50 worth Memory foam pads upgrade kit+ Applicable for all models.

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Does Quick Extender Pro really work?

The short answer is yes if you use it properly for at least 700-800+ hours over 6-8 months. Penis extenders have been proven to be effective in increasing length in independent (not affiliate with any of the manufacturers)clinical studies. Quick Extender Pro does provide a money-back guarantee if you do not get desired results. You can read about terms and conditions here.

What is the length of QEP.

It is 8 inches. But, you can adjust length up to 11 inches

Is QEP effective in increasing girth as well?

In most cases, yes. Generally, gains are proportional to length. But, please note that some people report unsatisfactory gains in girth compared to length (applicable to all extender not only QEP).

When should I start to see results?

Most people report a noticeable permanent gain in 4-6 months. Though, after 1-2 months of usage temporary gain should be visible.

Does it gonna hurt if I get an erection while using the device?

No, I did not feel any pain with QEP though I had faced some issues with other extenders.

Can I wear it below my pants?

Yes, I did. If you wear it with some comfortable trousers, it should not be much visible(unless someone really touches it! ).


Final Verdict:

After trying Quick extender Pro and other regular extenders I can say with reasonable confidence that Quick Extender Pro is one of the best extenders in the USA market right now. Its double straps based design is the perfect balance between comfort and tension to get optimal permanent results. Easy money-back policy, professional support, and affordability make it a great penis extender overall. I would highly recommend going with Deluxe limited edition unless you have a tight budget.


https://buffaloreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Curvature_Correction_and_Peyronies_Edition_how-it-works1.pnghttps://buffaloreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Curvature_Correction_and_Peyronies_Edition_how-it-works1-150x150.pngBruce JPenis extenderDetailed Review Will the Quick Extender Pro give you the bigger penis you want? And just how quickly do you get the improvements? Quick Extender Pro's design is made by Innovatech Designs Inc., a New York-based organization. It has been around since 2007, That's long enough in the penile enhancement industry...Buffalo Report