There is no doubt that penis enhancement procedures are becoming very popular all over the media. All over the media, many people have been inundated with emails of male enhancement products with big promises of turning a 4” penis to an 8” penis in no time. These products include penis pumps, penis pills, and penis extenders.

How does it work?

Our focus today is on the penis extenders and if they work. To start with, penis extenders are devices meant to be worn on the penis. They are usually made of plastics with some of them coming with rods to help in strengthening the penis. It also has some traction springs that are used in pulling the penis to the extent the wearer can accommodate. Most of them come with a ring-shaped base that is supposed to be fitted over the penis while resting on the pubic bone. Some of them come with bands that can be used to pull the penis to the side and help in concealing the bulging nature of most penis extenders. The idea is to gradually stretch the flaccid penis to the point where it becomes bigger in size.

These extenders are expected to be worn up to 5 or 6 hours per day with some of them like Phallosan forte said to be worn overnight. The results are to be expected from a few months to 6 months. In this period of time, the penile tissues are stretched to trigger the growth of the penile cells after a breakdown of the old cells to encourage the growth of new cells. This is what causes the penis to breaks down and repair itself.

The penis extenders are not to be worn every day and the users are encouraged to take some rest in between when making use of them to allow the penis muscles rest. They are designed in such a way that they can be worn underneath loose clothing. Phallosan forte can even be worn outdoors because it comes with a band that is used in stretching the penis to the side so that is it not obvious to onlookers.

Do penis extenders really work?

The idea behind penis extenders did not just come up. Penis extenders came up as a result of a technology that was invented many years ago. Traction had been used in the medical field long before it was introduced into penis enhancement procedure.
In a study that was carried out by the University of Turin on some selected men showed that penis extenders do increase the size of the penis. The study which was published on ScienceDaily showed that these men wore a penis extender daily for 6 months and at the research gained not less than 32% increase in the length of the flaccid penis and up to 36% increase in their erectile function. They also found out that this method provided a better alternative to surgery and much safer. The people that participated in the study were very satisfied with the result they got after the period of 6 months.
According to Dr. Paolo Gontero, a consultant urologist, in another study, 21 men who were not less than 47 years on average partook in the study. 16 of them completed the study which lasted for a year. These men were asked to wear a penis extender for a period of 4 to 6 hours every day for 6 months. They made use of a penis extender that has 2 dynamic rods and a plastic ring as well as a silicon band which serves to hold the penis in place. The men started at 600g traction in the first month of use and are told to increase to 1200g in the period of 6 months. Their results were monitored in the first, third, sixth and twelfth month. Some of the results gotten from the study include:
• On the average, their flaccid penile length at the baseline stood at 2.82” (7.15cm). After the 12 months period, there was a 32% increase to 3.72” (9.45cm).
• The growth to the penile girth was not significant.
• Their average erectile function scores witnessed a 36% increase. From a 30 baseline, it went from 19.9 to 27.1 out of the same baseline in a period of 12 months.
The 4 participants that did not see the research to the end bailed out due to satisfactory result after 3 months, penile bruising and pain, inability to go through with the protocol, and lack of efficacy.


This result is just a few out of numerous studies conducted to find out if penis extenders do really work. From all indication, they do work as long as the user sticks to the instructions of the penis extender device by the manufacturer.