BuffaloReport.com is now a global men’s health portal and aims to be a premier destination for information in? male sexual enhancement products.?Buffalo report team creates weekly text and video based content in the newsletter offering insights into various supplement products.

We are constantly growing our analysis departments as we strive to broaden the content we provide to visitors of the Buffalo Report.

Our Analysts

Dan Knight
Dan produces a private weekly market review newsletter that is distributed across 5,000 subscribers and recently published a video tutorial on ” Do not take the magic pill” that is available at Kindle Store.?You can follow him at @priceactionlive on Twitter.

Mike Knight

Mike is a professional writer and highly respected trading mentor.

Dominik is a part of the Buffalo Report analysis team.

Baidu catalina

Mrs. Baidu Catalina is Buffaloreport.com Content and Analysis Team Manager. She has an academic background in the health field with practical and theoretical experience.