The short answer is yes but make sure you have to be patient and wait for at least 6 months and use a clinically certified extender such as Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics.

Nowadays, a lot of men are discontent with the current size of their penis. This is often due to the psychological fear that they might not be able to satisfy their partner during a sexual encounter. Fortunately, it’s possible to solve that issue without having to undergo any surgical procedures.

There are actually a number of effective methods to do so, one of which is the use of penis extenders.

Aside from penis extenders, other techniques are also common. These include the use of oral supplements, ointments, oral supplements, and even exercise. Penis extenders are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they’re minimally invasive.

The science behind penis extenders

Most men dream of getting even just an inch of extra length on their penis, despite the fact that there are only a few who have a very small penis to pleasure their sexual partner. This anxiety, which is referred to as penile dysmorphophobia, is continuously on the rise as more and more men indulge in watching porn and doing a comparison.

It’s hard to come across a reliable data, but the general knowledge is that an average flaccid length is around 3 inches while the average erect length is around 5-6 inches. The feeling of lacking the “right” length and size prompted a lot of men to undergo surgery or even get in on the penile enhancement trends. Unfortunately, surgical procedures have come with very high associated risks that urologists advised against undergoing such treatments for those with an erect size of 3 inches and above.

In an attempt to find a non-invasive method for increasing penile length among men who have less than 2.75 inches erect and 1.5 inches flaccid, Paolo Gontero together with his colleagues decided to put the claims of a penile extender manufacturer to the test.

Research findings

Gontero and his group conducted a study involving 15 men and instructed them to use a particular penis extender continuously for a period of 6 months. By following the instructions specified by the manufacturer, the subjects increased the traction force gradually from 1.3 to 2.6 pounds. During the first few months, they were able to achieve the greatest gains which then leveled off afterward.

On average, the subjects were able to gain a 32% gain in flaccid length, while about ½ inch in strength length. All of the gains were able to remain six months after they stop using the device.

According to Gontero, the length gained during the period was similar regardless of the baseline size. It only means that the device can also work for men who are suffering from the so-called penile dysmorphophobia, who are most likely men who fall in the normal range but believe they have a very small penis.

However, the extender fell short of its promise to provide an average increase of 1.3 inches as what its manufacturer, Andromedical, has claimed. Gontero said they didn’t see any significant improvement in their subject’s girth that can back such claim.

Also, Gontero said that stretching the penis gradually can be safe and is even effective for increasing its length in the way skin tissue expands slowly during surgical procedures. A small study which was published last year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered that using a penis extender can help reduce curvature among men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease.

However, Gontero advised not to wear a penis extender for too long, especially when sleeping as it can pose a risk of damaging the penis. He also added that the use of hormones and other enhancement supplements can be potentially hazardous.

Wrapping it up

Most of the men who suffer from penile dysmorphophobia actually have normal-sized members. According to data from Mayo Clinic, the average penile length is around 3-5 inches when flaccid and 5-7 when erect.

In most cases, penis enlargement devices won’t work. However, there are a few that do – one of which is the Phallosan Forte. Regardless, it’s important to take note that to achieve noticeable results, the device should be worn regularly throughout a period of six months. You should also consider consulting your physician first, especially if you have penis curvature or have undergone a recent prostate surgery.