Most of the time, men associate their self-confidence, masculinity, and sexual experience with having a big penis. But according to some research, the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches. Meanwhile, the average circumference of the girth is 4.69 inches. Thus, some men who don’t fall under these stats tend to feel insecure and unsatisfied with their size.

In this case, penile exercise is one of the most common solutions that men rely on if they don’t want surgeries. But even though having longer manhood is the main goal of most men, there are other things to consider. If you want to improve your sex life and give more pleasure to your partner, don’t forget about the thickness. Thus, we recommend balancing the length and girth of your penis if you’re aiming to improve its size.

 Benefits of Penis Exercises

If the size of your penis is that big deal to you, trying some penis exercises can be a great alternative. Aside from increasing the length and girth of your penis, you can also take advantage of these benefits:

  •         More self-confidence
  •         Improved quality of erection
  •         Better blood flow through the penis
  •         More stamina during sexual intercourse

Before you get too excited after reading these benefits, you must be aware of how penis exercises work first.


How Do Penis Exercises Work?

First things first, it is important to know what kind of tissues and muscles are there in your penis. This way, you can understand better how exercises work whether it suits you or not.

  •         Three Chambers

There are three chambers of spongy tissues inside the penis which include two corpus cavernosa and one corpus spongiosum. The latter is located on the bottom part of the penis, under the two corpus cavernosa. These tissues are filled with blood up to their full capacity whenever you are having an erection or just aroused.

  •         Smooth Muscles

There are also smooth muscles inside which are structurally different from the skeletal muscles in other parts of your body. These muscles are responsible for giving the shape and size to the penis just like how your bicep muscles work.

While exercising your penis, these spongy muscles can be expanded or stretched to increase its blood’s maximum capacity. As the volume of blood inside increases, micro-tears also start to appear around the smooth muscles. Just like in bodybuilding, these tears promote the growth of new cells in the penis to increase its size permanently.

At the same time, penis exercises can stretch your connective tissue layer called tunica. This layer of tissue grows together with the smooth muscles grow to help improve the size of your penis. Last but not the least, penis exercises can extend the suspensory ligaments that are found at the base of your penis. When these ligaments are stretched, it will bring out some hidden parts of your penis to make it longer.


Types of Penis Exercises

Contrary to what others think, there are different types of penis exercises. Depending on your personal preference and needs, it can range from basic to advanced routines. In this article, we will share some of the most common penis exercises that are used by most men. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, any of these exercises might work:


Jelqing is one of the most popular and probably the most basic forms of a penis exercise to increase its size. This exercise involves using the “Ok” grip that has been used by men since ancient times. To perform this exercise, you have to make forward strokes slowly as if you are milking a cow.

In this case, you can stretch your penis little by little while stroking it. This process helps elongate the muscles, tunica, and ligaments in your penis by creating micro-tears. If you are aiming to improve your length and girth, you can achieve both with the help of this exercise.

But if you want to focus on your girth, you can try its modified version called “V jelq”. Instead of using the “Ok” grip or gesture, you have to use your middle and ring fingers. You have to make a “V” sign between your middle and ring fingers while stroking your penis.

Generally, jelqing is the first type of penis exercise that is recommended for beginners. In some cases, experienced users combine jelqing with other penis exercises and penis enlargement devices too to get better results.


As its name suggests, the stretching exercise can help increase the size of your penis by stretching it. Also known as traction, this extends the tunica, ligaments, and muscles in the penis to generate new cells within the micro-tears.

Just like the first exercise, stretching is suitable for beginners due to its user-friendly process. So, here are the steps you have to follow:

  •         You just have to warm up your penis with a warm towel on it. This will allow blood to flow better and condition your penis for the next steps.
  •         While your penis is flaccid, hold your shaft right below the glans. Keep it in a flaccid state to avoid injuries.
  •         Gently stretch your penis then hold it for 30 seconds. This will allow more blood to flow through the chambers and stretch its tissues.
  •         Repeat the first 3 steps above in different directions (left, right, up, and down).

Many users use stretching before they use their favorite penis extender.



Also known as the compression exercise, the expansion works by squeezing a part of your penis to extend another. This process builds pressure by pushing the muscles to the tunica and shaft tissues along its sides. The outward pressure that this exercise creates provides a significant increase in girth. To feel the building pressure, try this routing while you have an erect penis.

  •         Do the “Ok” grip using your dominant hand and grip the base of your penis tightly (not too tight though). Gripping its base will force more blood to your shaft.
  •         Make a second “Ok” grip using your other hand and move it an inch above the base then squeeze it.
  •         Move your dominant hand an inch forward your penis then squeeze again.
  •         Continue squeezing and moving your hand 1 inch forward until you reached the part below its head.

If you are a starter or intermediate user, you can also try the flaccid bends and combine both. But if you’re already into the advanced level, you can try other routines like erect squeeze, horse squeeze, and Uli exercise. To implement these techniques, there are more specific girth exercises that you can try manually.

Normally, penis exercises that focus on the girth like the expansion can also help enlarge the head of the penis. Therefore, there are other exercises that are specially designed to focus on enhancing your manhood’s mushroom head.


 Learning how to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles is also a type of penis exercise. Doing this routine repetitively can force blood into your penis. But unlike the previous exercises above, Kegels can’t be directly associated with the increase of your girth and length.

Instead, Kegels are focused on enhancing the quality of your erection, controlling your urge to urinate, and improving your prostate health But if you combine them with some jelqing exercises or expansion exercises, you could get better results. This combination of routines can increase the volume of blood that is pumped while Kegels support it in the penis enlargement process.

Two kinds of kegel exercises that can come in handy to you are the flexing girth exercise, and Viking’s kegel plus squeeze. Both exercises can be tried by all kinds of users from beginners and advanced users.


Normally, edging is known for preventing premature ejaculation. However, it can be performed to make your erection last longer and increase the size of your girth. To make your erection last longer, its tissues have to remain in a state of expansion for a longer period. Furthermore, having a longer erection means more blood and nutrients can be pumped into your penis the promote cell growth

Horse Squeeze

This is another exercise that is focused on improving girth. But compared with Kegels, this exercise is more suitable for experienced advanced users. With a simple squeeze, it can improve your girth by building more pressure to expand your shaft more. To do this, here are some tips:

  •         Make sure that your penis is about 95% erect
  •         Do the “Ok” gesture in expansion with your left and right hand
  •         Slide your right hand into the glans and the shaft until you reach the base. Do this step slowly and allot 15 to 30 seconds to finish. This can bring more blood to your shaft and promote tissue expansion.
  •         Loosen your hands and repeat the steps 2 – 3, 20 times.

Take note, this exercise should be done only while your penis is erect with caution. 


Limitations of Penis Exercises

Even though some users claim that penis exercises help increase the size of their penis, there are limitations. Just like other exercises, too much can be dangerous. Not to mention if you don’t have proper guidance while performing them. We don’t guarantee that all of these exercises will work out for everyone.

However, you can find at least one of two that can work for you. But before you try anything, take these points.

  •         Trying the jelqing, stretching, and penis bends are a good start for beginners. Don’t skip these exercise
  •         You can also add some penis bends and edging exercises if you want to focus more on increasing your girth. Just be consistent.
  •         If you’re already an advanced user, you can try other routines that are more intense like the horse squeeze, and Uli.
  •         Whether you are in the starting, intermediate, or advanced level, always start the exercise slowly.
  •         Don’t get too excited. Always start with routines and like stretches to condition your body.

Since exercises can work differently for each person, don’t expect a perfect routine for everyone. Depending on your body’s response, it may also take a few months before you may notice positive results. Therefore, don’t rush things and be consistent with your routines daily and weekly. To avoid injuries, never treat penis exercises as a race and be patient. JSexual Health TipsMost of the time, men associate their self-confidence, masculinity, and sexual experience with having a big penis. But according to some research, the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches. Meanwhile, the average circumference of the girth is 4.69 inches. Thus, some men who don’t fall under...Buffalo Report