Is a 5-inch penis considered as average or is it too small? This is one of the most common questions the people always ask when it comes to the penis size. But before we answer this, take note that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your size. Regardless if it is in flaccid or in the erect state, this article will help you understand your penis better.

First the bad news!

While I focus on why 5-inch is a decent size in this post, there is also an alternative perspective to it as well. There are a lot of girls (and some women!) do judge size negatively if they had ex-boyfriends/husbands who had far longer sizes. In those cases(especially if you know), it might be a good idea to get an extra 1 inch. Keep in mind that it takes a dedication of 5-7 months with penis extenders to gain such length. Do not expect an overnight miracle!


Why You Should Be Happy with Your 5 Inches?

  •  It leaves fewer penetration issues.

When your penis is just 5 inches long, you don’t have to worry too much about hitting your partner’s cervix. For those who have longer penises, thrusting too hard can sometimes hit the cervix of women during sexual intercourse. Hence, this leaves women in pain instead of being satisfied.

  •         It is easier to fit in anything!

You may be tempted to undergo a surgery or use various devices just to make your penis bigger. But before you make any move, take note that having a big penis also comes with consequences. For instance, fitting a condom to a 5 inches penis is easier than in a 7 or 8 inches long penis. Although all condoms can be stretched, some can easily break during the penetration once it reaches its elastic limit.

If you go shopping for clothes, having a very large penis can be a problem too sometimes. Not all pants may fit you as you like them due to your huge package in the front. Having a large penis may also attract a lot of attention wherever you go. This may cause a lot of people to look at your asset below the belt, especially if you are wearing tight pants.

  • Oral sex can be easier and more enjoyable   

Oral sex is not all about having an expert partner or a long penis. Remember that long dicks can make your partner gag immediately which isn’t pleasing for all. Your partner’s teeth can also scratch your penis if your size is too much to handle. If you know how to give and take, you’d know the importance of control that your partner should have.


Average Penis Size

According to studies, the average size of a penis is 5.6 inches long when erect, and 3.61 inches when flaccid. At the same time, its girth or circumference is 4.69 inches when erect, and 3.67 inches when flaccid. These measurements are based on the previous studies and the study that the British Journal of Urology International conducted.

However, what other people don’t know is that the penis size is relative. Some studies say that it also depends on genes and the country you live in. For instance, the average penis size is smaller in most Asian countries compared with European countries.


Smaller Penis as a Unique Product

For those who feel ashamed of having a small penis, you might want to learn from someone who’s been there. We interviewed someone who had the same mindset as most men out there. Compared with most men, he considers his penis smaller in size. However, he also considers it as a unique product that he can offer to his “customers”.

He is not sure whether all women want a big dick but let’s say that it is the case. For him, what’s the use of “offering” them a small penis if they want a bigger penis”? It is like offering a certain product on the wrong market. So as a solution, he started going out with small and petite women. He also got better at handling conversations with women which made him realize that sex isn’t all about the penis size.


The Art of Sex

He indeed found the right market where his product fits better and that his “customers” are well-pleased. Still, he wanted to offer a better product that can provide more benefits to his customers. So, he studied everything he can about women’s stimulation from clitoral, anal, breast stimulation, to different sex positions.

He even studied how to write seductively and improve his communication skills to enjoy better conversations. Thus, he also learned how to talk and listen to his partner’s body during sex. From offering one unique product to the right market, he transformed himself into a new brand that can exceed customers’ expectations. With his penis and experience, he became more confident regardless of the size of his penis.

This means that learning the art of sex can make a huge difference in your life if you are determined. The art of sex would make you realize that achieving a satisfying sex life isn’t all about having a big penis. You are more than your penis. But if you still doubt yourself, petite women would be more suitable as your partner in bed.

You can also try different methods to get a bigger penis even if it means adding just a few centimeters. There are penis stretchers that are more known as penis extenders like Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, and more. There are also penis pumps like Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet that also involve water assistance to stimulate better results. You can also undergo a penis enlargement surgery or try penis exercises for a start. 


“Large” Isn’t for Everyone

Do all men want breasts, butts, and lips? To tell you the truth, the answer is a big no. We’re all unique which explains why we have different tastes and preferences in everything. This applies to all genders regardless of their race and culture. To prove this yourself, you need to get out of your shell and meet different women. This way, you can explore and enjoy what you have to offer as a whole and not just your penis.

Instead of complaining and feeling sorry for having a smaller penis, focus on enhancing yourself and fixing your problem. There are tons of women all over the world that can be interested in what you have to offer. Don’t limit yourself to what you see in the vicinity or keep everything you have to yourself. 


Final Words

As mentioned above, having a 5 inches penis is not that bad. It is a gift you should be grateful for and be proud of having. Don’t be tempted easily by-products and methods that can increase the size of your penis.

Falling to false advertisements can lead you to problems without proper research and medical advice. What matters more is your self-confidence which can make you more attractive to your partner. Most importantly, you can also perform at your best during intercourse and enjoy a better sex life. If you really want to increase the length do not waste your time with pills. Go for a reliable extender. JBlogPenis extenderIs a 5-inch penis considered as average or is it too small? This is one of the most common questions the people always ask when it comes to the penis size. But before we answer this, take note that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your size. Regardless if it...Buffalo Report