The penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the men’s body. It is not just part of the body that serves as an outlet of urine to cleanse your body. It is also an important external organ that is part of the male reproductive system. When puberty hits, the penis reaches its full size. However, there are certain cases when health conditions or penis conditions can affect the shape of a penis.

So, we collected some of the conditions below that lead to deformity or irregular shape of the penis:

Also known as penile curvature, this is a physical condition that can have a huge impact on men’s emotions and relationships. The curvature of the penis during an erection can be noticed already during the puberty stage. Contrary to what others think, penile curvature can’t be used interchangeably with Peyronie’s disease if it is congenital curvature.

This abnormal deformity of the penis doesn’t involve scar tissue inside the penis. It usually occurs through an erection due to subsequent causes like:

o   Inborn condition or congenital

o   Injury or trauma

o   Ill-fitting clothes

o   Sleeping on your stomach

o   Urethral Stricture

o   Peyronie’s disease

Though mild cases don’t require treatment, surgical correction may be needed if it already affects your sex life negatively. You could also use a male enhancement device such as a penis extender to restore the normal function and appearance of your penis.


  •  Penis Fracture

A penis fracture is a rare but serious type of bending injury that affects the direction of an erect penis. This occurs when a membrane called tunica albuginea that surrounds the corpora cavernosa tears. This is a spongy tissue in the core of the penis that fills up with blood during an erection. Once the membrane ruptures, its confined blood in the penis will leak out into other tissues in the penis.

It may occur during sexual intercourse which can cause swelling and bruising. Aside from causing pain, this injury can also result in long-lasting damage to the urinary and sexual function of the penis.


  • Penile Narrowing

Using vacuum pumps and penis hanging weights are the usual cause of penile narrowing. It is also known as the “waist” or “hourglass” appearance of the penis shaft. The narrowing of the penis can occur on one side only of the penis or the entire shaft which is rare. The common symptom that is associated with this problem is the poor quality of erection.

The area below or above the narrowing area doesn’t get hard enough during an erection. Instead, it appears to be softer than the rest. Even though the penis seems to become longer, its girth also becomes narrower.


  • Peyronie’s Disease

Just like penile curvature, Peyronie’s disease is also a disorder that causes the penis to bend or curve. This is due to a fibrotic scar, plaque, or lump that occurs within the penis. This can form on the erectile tissue lining that holds the majority of the blood that flows through your penis during an erection.

Depending on where the plaque is, the penis may bend to the side, down, or up. In some rare cases, the plaque may even develop on the top and bottom parts of the shaft. This makes the penis look shorter since it is “dented”. Even though about 10% only of middle-aged men suffer from Peyronie’s diseases, older and younger men may be affected as well. It can be treated with extenders. Quick Extender Pro has a dedicated model for the same.


  •   Phimosis

Phimosis is referred to as the inability to retract the skin or foreskin that covers the head of the penis. A condition that some adult men experience, phimosis can look like a ring or rubber bank of foreskin. Found around the tip of your penis, this prevents full retraction which is also common among 1% of boys in 7th grade. It is also divided into 2 forms:

o   Pathologic – occurs due to infection, scarring, or inflammation

o   Physiologic – children born with tight foreskin but separation occurs naturally over time

Treatments for phimosis vary depending on its severity. It could be treated with gentle manual retraction regularly, circumcision, or topical corticosteroid ointment application. Male enhancement devices could also work if used properly.


Final Words

If you can look good, you can also feel good as long as your mind and body are in good condition. Regardless of the size of your penis, it can do a lot of wonders if you are confident enough with yourself. However, you have to be responsible as well if you want to keep your penis attractive and satisfying.

Given that vacuum pumps, penis weights, and some male enhancement devices can harm your penis, choose your products wisely. Always ensure that the product is safe, scientifically proven, and affordable before using it.



Bruce JPenis extenderThe penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the men’s body. It is not just part of the body that serves as an outlet of urine to cleanse your body. It is also an important external organ that is part of the male reproductive system. When puberty...Buffalo Report