The size of the penis has been something that troubles most people, male, and even the female gender alike, if you know what I mean. But of course, most troubles men. A good number of men, especially those between the ages of 20 to 50 worry about the size of their penis. Even though the desire to know more about your body and wanting to put every doubt to rest is nothing to be ashamed of, and is actually a wise thing to do on the contrary since nothing good comes off needless worrying, the idea of having a normal or small penis still troubles a lot of men. Most men feel some levels of insecurity and have concerns when it comes to their own penis size. But surprisingly, small penis sizes are not as common as the vast majority might think.

Which brings us to the question, how then can one tell exactly, what penis size is normal and good enough, and what size is not? This will be the topic of discussion in the course of this article.

Typically in this article, we would cover,

  • What is the average penis size?
  • How do you measure your penis?
  • What do women think about penis sizes?
  • Does size matter? 

At the end of this article, you will be able to know and tell what really matters when it comes to the size of the penis. Let’s take it one step at a time.

What Is The Average Penis Size?

Evidently, as you already know, the human penis differs in size, in terms of length and width among other things, both when in its flaccid state and in full erection. It is also no news that a lot of men tend to brag about the size of their penis, I mean who wouldn’t want to boast that he is naturally endowed, true or not.

So in a bid to settle this score on genital proportions in males, a south London psychiatrist, David Veale by name, set out with his team to assemble detailed facts from clinicians, particularly those following a standardized process of measurement. Their study combines information gathered from 17 previous educational studies which consisted of measurements from some 15,521 men globally. This data empowered them to compute and determine the estimated dimensions of penises dispersed across humanity.

Normal Penis Length and Width

From the analysis of Veale and his team, a normal flaccid penis is 3.61 inches (9.16cm) in length and 3.66 inches (9.31cm) in width. While a normal penis in full erection is 5.26 inches (13.12cm) in length with a corresponding width of 4.59 inches (11.66cm). All measurements for the length of the penis were made starting from the pubic bone and ending at the tip of the glans on the penis top. If there were any fat overlying the pubic bone it was flattened before the readings were taken and any extra length as a result of the foreskin was not taken into account. The measurements for the girth of the penis were taken at the center of the shaft or at the base of the penis since both sites were regarded as equal.

Credit-WBUR bju.13010

The team’s analysis of the worldwide penis size distribution shows that only five out of a hundred men would have a fully erect penis larger than 6.3 inches (16 cm). Again, in contrast, only five men still out of one hundred men would have a fully erect penis smaller than 3.94 inches (10 cm). Veale and his team of researchers also came to the conclusion that no substantial evidence could link the size of the penis to other physical features of the human body such as height or body mass or by shoe size as a popular myth entails. Everyone is created differently and that is amazing. It is great news then that the great majority of men have a normal penis size. How then can one measure and know for certain if he is normal-sized, small, or supersized?

How Do You Measure Your Penis?

The answer is simple, direct measurement. When trying to ascertain the length of a penis, surprisingly, this cannot be achieved with precision when the penis is fully erect. There are too many variables involved. One of the ways to measure a penis size is to do so while it is in its flaccid state, by direct measurement. Get a ruler or a one-use tape measurer for health purposes, and place it at the bottom of the penis. Don’t take your readings from the point where the scrotum and the penis go separate ways. That would not give you the result you seek, since you would want to take note of every inch of the penis. So best make sure the tape measurer is pressing firmly against the pubic bone. Then mildly but steadily straighten out the penis as far as it would go, and take your measurement from the pubic bone to the tip of the stretched penis. If you arrive at a stretched penis length (SPL) of about 5.17 to 5.24 inches from your measurement, it is normal. You can also measure your erect penis similarly.

If you got a measurement just a little lower than that, you are not alone. A lot of men also find themselves below the average penis size. Which begs the question, what size can a penis be considered small?

How Small Is a Small Penis?

At what size can a penis be considered small, you might wonder? As pointed out earlier, an average penis has a stretched penis length (SPL) of about 5.17 inches. Research shows that about 90 percent of men have a penis size that falls between the range of 4 to 6 inches in length and about 3.6 to 4.5 inches wide when erect which is normal, leaving the remaining 10 percent of men to either a small penis size or a large one. So evidently, an erect penis size lower than 4 inches in length is below the average penis size and can be termed relatively as small.

As stated by Palmer’s statistics, only 0.6 percent of men are said to have the smallest penises or a “micropenis” as it is medically termed, which is an erect penis under 2.76 inches (7 cm) in length. How big then is big?

How big is a Large Penis?

Again the answer is easy. Simply put, a large penis is bigger than the average penis size. But that notwithstanding, what is bigger than normal? By normal, we refer to the average penis size which we have established already to be about 5 inches in length when erect. So anything above that is considered bigger than normal. As stated again by Palmer’s statistics, only about 0.6 percent of men have about 6.8 inches or more as their SPL.

Most men with a doubtlessly large penis, that is to say, an inch or two above the average 5-inch penis, are considered lucky, but should also be aware that a possibility that a penis can be too big for a woman exists. Because at the end of the day, if you are going to use your penis for pleasure, the person at the receiving end should be able to feel the pleasure that comes with penetration as well and not feel hurt and this is only achievable if everything fits. By too big, we mean anything above 7 inches. Penis size of more than 7 inches is likely to bring about pain to a woman and could cause some serious harm to the cervix. If the penis size is too wide as well, you stand the risk of tearing apart the woman’s vagina and inflicting unimaginable pain. One should be careful, to avoid this.

The average width is also what is best for vaginal penetration. Anything above the average penis size of 4.59 inches (11.66 cm) in width and it just might not be comfortable for a woman.


What Do Women Think About Penis Sizes?

With reference to a study and research from UCLA and Cal State Los Angeles, when it comes to what women think about penis sizes, the greater majority, about 84 percent of women to be precise, think that the penis size of their partner is fine. Whereas 14 percent of women wished for a larger penis size for their partner and only 2 percent desired a smaller size to their man’s genitals.

For a lot of men, the average size of their penis is a factor that determines how they are to feel about themselves in a hearty relationship. And agreeably, one being in a hearty or healthy relationship is in itself an essential factor to being a happy person. But more surprising would be the fact that women tend to feel more contented and comfortable with the size of a man’s penis than the man himself. On most occasions, when questioned or asked their opinions, women rated the penis sizes of men as larger than what men would rate them. Men feel the need to have a relatively large-sized penis and not just a large, but a well-curved penis as well, with the belief that it enhances sexual experiences and keeps women satisfied.


Well, we have now ascertained that most women have a different point of view when it comes to the size of a penis. But is there some truth to the penis curvature?

Penis Curvature

Is it normal for one to have a curved penis? Well, it is a common thing with most men to have a slightly curved penis especially when the penis is in its fully erect state. Some curve to the right, others to the left, still yet some others curve downwards and some upwards and some are just straight as a pole. Whichever way, it is totally fine and normal to have a moderately curved penis. And yes, as it turns out having a curved penis can actually be an added advantage to the sexual experience.

As stated by Dr. Michael Reitano, depending on one’s partner, a curved penis can be a plus in some sex positions. Dr. Reitano explains that the penis is meant to slide in and out of a slightly wet and slippery canal. However, from the recipient’s end, this glide while pleasurable is not focused on the most responsive point of sexual arousal in females, the clitoris, which runs from the front wall of the vagina inwards to the pelvis. Only a penis slightly curved upwards would glide in and out of the vagina efficiently while touching the tip of the penis on the sensitive front wall area, bringing more pleasure to the female.

A curved penis can also aid in the stimulation of the prostate in males which is also very pleasurable. But if the curve in the penis seems to be a significant bend, and gives rise to pain or causes some difficulties when having sex, it is advisable you should see a doctor. Those could be symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a disease that makes the penis bend or curved when it is erect. This condition occurs when there is a growth of fibrous penile scar tissue, which can result in the chances of the penis getting injured or even broken. Peyronie’s disease can occur to men at any age but it mostly affects those over the age of 40. The cause of this disease is not yet known. The condition is thought to occur after an injury happens to the penis when it is erect, such as the penis getting bent during sex. But still, this disease can develop without any cause. This condition may be hereditary and might run in families. The symptoms of this disease could include;

  • A hard lump or stiffened area in the penis shaft.
  • An upward curve in the penis when in full erection.
  • Sharp pain in the penis especially during an erection.
  • The penis appears to be deformed like an hourglass
  • Reduction in the length and width of the penis. 

Some men with this disease suffer pain in their penis, and others do not. If you do suffer this disease and you do feel some amount of pain in your penis, it would ease up with time. But if the case is a serious one, the curve in the penis could make having sex a difficult and painful experience, if not impossible.

Peyronie’s disease if uncared for may sometimes even result in erectile dysfunction. There are two ways to administer treatments for this condition, surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment.


The Surgical Treatment

In serious cases, it may still be possible to treat Peyronie’s disease with surgery. But doctors advise that a 12 months period of wait be initiated before considering surgery as an option since there is a tendency that the condition can improve in some men without treatment.

The surgical treatment process may involve the cutting away or removal of the lump area and replacing it with a vein or a patch of skin to straighten the penis. It could also involve removing a part of the skin from the opposite side of the lump area in other to balance and straighten the penis. This could result in size reduction or the loss of some good inches in the penis length. Another surgery process might involve implanting a device in the penis to straighten it. As earlier stated, this procedure is only considered in mostly extremely severe cases.

The Non-surgical Treatment

Most men do not need treatment as they do not experience pain and the condition does not have an effect on their sexual function. As we mentioned before, on some occasions, the condition can on its own improve in most men, without treatment. A variety of non-surgical treatments are accessible, comprising of medications and injection of steroids or medications known as Xiaflex into the area of concern for stable patients. But there is no concrete evidence showing for certain that these methods are completely effective.

Another non-surgical treatment option is extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT). This process generally involves using an ultrasound scanner to target sound waves at the lump area. Although ESWT is said to be safe, there is not enough pinpointed evidence that speaks of its effectiveness. So, caution is advisable.

Having known about Peyronie’s disease, its symptoms, effects, and treatment options, you will agree that not all curves on the penis are normal. A normal penis curve should not go beyond an angle of 30 degrees. However, the degree of the penis curvature is not the only thing that should cause concern. If peradventure a bend or lump in your penis is giving you concerns or making your sexual experience a difficult one, or you find it painful to urinate, or you are experiencing a discomforting erection, see a doctor.


Does Penis Size Matter?

Finally, the big question. Does the size of a penis really matter? Well, we have seen that average penis size can be quite the perfect addition when it comes to having a pleasurable sexual experience, so perhaps, size does matter, but only if you have an extremely small penis size or an extremely large one. So, should you worry about your penis size? In one word, no. Worrying about your penis size can become quite an issue, specifically because, for most men who worry about being abnormally small, it may bring about a disturbed state of mind, possibly resulting in a body dysmorphic disorder, that is to say, an unstable mental health condition. Whereas in reality, the vast majority of men who are disturbed about having a small-sized penis are actually adequately sized. You should always be happy and content with who you are, and of course, it is likely that you are averagely sized, because as we earlier pointed out, what is considered small is actually average and totally normal.

Also, recall as we noted earlier that the greater majority of women are completely satisfied and comfortable with their partner’s penis size, only a few minorities are not satisfied, and not because they want it bigger, but because some actually desire a smaller one.

So, what needs addressing is the perception of what is considered normal. Pornography is a major contributing factor to this idea. But men should do well to always remember that while the penis in pornographic visuals is portrayed as a sign of masculinity, they are also stunted objects and should not be compared to the average penis in reality in terms of size, firmness, or frequency of erections.

Normal Firmness and Frequency of Erection

A firmly erect penis is not only a key factor in sexual penetration but also has an effect on a man’s sexual confidence and self-esteem. Consistent erection including the morning wood –the daily morning penis erection – is an essential part of a man’s health. The firmness and frequency of an erection are key indicators of your health in general. They are super important. How firm then should an erect penis be?

If you are attaining erections, perfect! There is absolutely no need to be bothered about getting “too hard”. Your body can only offer as much blood as is required to attain penis firmness. It is also all about how hard your penis normally gets when erect and if it lasts long enough to have satisfying sex. Healthcare providers often make use of the Erectile Hardness Scale to aid them in getting a sense of one’s definition of an erection. Though not a perfect measure, it is easy to use and comes up with good points when stating the distinction between being firm and being firm enough for sexual penetration.

So, simply put, an erect penis should be completely firm and fully rigid for smooth and pleasurable penetration. But how long an erection lasts varies in each person and can be decided by factors such as age, health conditions, stress, and medications. There is no fixed time on how long an erection should last. Usually, an erect penis can remain in erection from a couple of minutes to roughly an hour. But a normal erection should last no more than 2 hours.

Do you have ED?

It is however noteworthy that a person does not necessarily need a full erection to reach orgasm. Most people sometimes worry that they are on either end of the scale, with their erection either not lasting long enough or lasting too long. In most cases, someone having difficulties attaining an erection or holding a long one for pleasurable sex could be a result of erectile dysfunction (ED). In other cases, one having an overly prolonged erection not relating to sexual activity could be a result of priapism. If one is erect for too long, the tissues in the penis are not getting enough blood and this can cause damage to the tissues. The blood vessels in the penis are smaller than those in other parts of the body, so any blockage or hormonal imbalances or a blood vessel dilation issue might show up sometimes as an ED (Erectile Dysfunction), and could lead to something more serious like a stroke or a heart attack. Erectile dysfunction is quite common even in younger folks. So, tread carefully and exercise caution when it comes to your penile erections.

If you have an erection lasting above 2 hours, or you are having trouble reaching a full erection, see a doctor.

Is My Penis Normal?

The answer to that question is Yes. Your penis is perfectly normal. As we discussed earlier, a greater number of men fall into the category of average penis size when it comes to length, width, curvature, and hardness, which is perfectly normal. And likely, you fall among this large number of men, so yes, your penis is normal. But even if you do not fall within this vast majority, your penis size should not be a factor hindering you from having a rewarding and actively great sex life.

The first step to achieving a healthier life is to have good conversations about all aspects concerning your health, even your penis. So, don’t hesitate to talk to a doctor or your health care provider about anybody issue, pain or performance issues, whenever you don’t feel normal.



Can Devices (Penis Extenders) Make A Small Penis Larger?

It is rare for men to open their emails, without receiving offers of a drug or a device that can enhance their penis size making them larger. Of course, most of those emails are just spam. But do legitimate ways exist to increase the penis size?

Yes. The use of traction devices like penis extenders has been scientifically proven to be effective. This device can stretch the penis size when in its flaccid state to make it longer. Penis extenders consist of a plastic ring that sits at the base of the flaccid penis and another that appears at the head of the penis before the glans, with a traction device running on the sides of the penile shaft. The user adjusts the springs, which pulls the shaft of the flaccid penis literally stretching it to become longer. This device should be worn at least four to nine hours daily over a six months period at least for better results. That is quite a long time, but patience can be rewarding. Penis extenders can increase the size of a penis by 1.6 inches in length or 0.4 inches in girth. Not only can this device stretch the penis but it can also be helpful for anyone suffering the Peyronie’s disease.

Penis extenders are medical devices so you would rarely find them in sex shops. You might have to consult with a doctor first to get one.

Conclusively, if you are not comfortable or feel worried and unsatisfied with your penis size, do feel free to speak with a doctor. If the size of your penis is getting you down, do not hesitate to ask your GP for advice. You could also consider speaking to a therapist. Psychological intercessions can be quite helpful at aiding and supporting men who do not feel content with how they measure up. JBlogSexual Health TipsThe size of the penis has been something that troubles most people, male, and even the female gender alike, if you know what I mean. But of course, most troubles men. A good number of men, especially those between the ages of 20 to 50 worry about the size...Buffalo Report