Nowadays, a lot of men dream of having bigger manhood due to too much exposure of men to the media. They feel self-conscious and insecure as the media shows them how great it is to have enormous manhood. Clearly, this seems to work as some start to create standards pop everywhere from time to time. 

As a result, many men are stuck with the belief that it’s better to have a bigger penis. They also believe that their ability to satisfy their partner also depends on the size of their penis. Surprisingly, this is not what all women have in mind. Instead, many women don’t bother too much about their partner’s size and focus more on their skills in bed.

Many women prefer a partner who knows how to make them happy to satisfy them. After all, what’s the use of having a big penis if you don’t even know how to use it, right? When it comes to size, research shows that most women prefer girth than over length. So, what is the difference between the length and the girth?


Why Girth Over Length?

Believe it or not, most men even agreed in surveys that if women have to choose, they would choose girth. For them, most women like a thicker penis right to the point of being “too thick”. However, the “too thick” choice of size still varies from one woman to another. For instance, a 5.5 inches girth can feel great for others but a little too much for others.

Others feel sore already after sex because each woman has a different level of tolerance. Too much girth could even cause tearing if you just thrust your penis without being careful, especially in anal sex. When it comes to oral sex, there’s also the gag reflex and choking hazards to deal with. Regardless, having a bigger girth will not automatically make you better in bed.

On the bright side, it can help you improve your performance and give your partner mind-blowing orgasms. Its size can stimulate your partner’s vaginal walls better than a longer but thin penis. This is especially true for the G-spot which is two inches deep on the upper part of the vaginal wall. Another thing is the A-spot of women which many men ignore even if they have a longer penis.

Having an extra length can make some positions painful for women as their cervix is being pounded too hard. If you want to go balls deep but don’t have some skills, you could end up causing pain instead of satisfaction. This just goes to show that having a bigger penis isn’t always equivalent to positive results.


Having A Small to Average Penis Isn’t That Bad?

Having a smaller penis isn’t that bad since women can handle it easier. You can also focus on giving pleasure than pain and be more creative. If you like oral and anal sex, you will not have a problem fitting it in. Whenever you feel like size matters, choosing the right positions can make up for it.

You can penetrate deeper with doggy style while your partner is arching their back with their head and chest down. If your penis is a little thin, choose positions where your partner can keep their legs tight together. If your penis is on the average level, you can experiment with different sex positions without hurting your partner’s cervix.

As long as your partner is up for it, you may also explore your kinky side and play with sex toys. You can also try using ice cubes and features to level up your sensation play with your partner. 


Which One Should You Improve?

As mentioned above, too much isn’t always good. However, adding up at least an inch on your length and girth is better. Therefore, you should improve both to make your penis more proportionate. You can do this by using a penis extender which is tested and proven to help increase men’s length and girth.

This is a kind of male enhancement device which allows the penis to grow not just in length but also in girth. Depending on how serious you are in your goal, you can already see its results within 6 months of regular use. Once properly attached to your penis, a traction pressure is applied to promote cell regeneration along the corpora cavernosa. 

This is the part of your penis which can expand when it is filled with blood. Furthermore, using a penis extender also comes with more benefits like giving you harder erections. It can help reduce the chances of premature ejaculation to ensure the satisfaction of your partner. Most importantly, it can treat penile curvature.



Even though not all men are lucky to be born hung like a great stallion, never let that discourage you. If you have the opportunity to improve your manhood, why choose only one when you can have both? As long as it can take away your insecurities and boost your confidence in bed, go for it. Put your skills into use and be a better partner in bed. Read our post on extenders to know the scientific way to increase length without the risk of surgery.


Bruce JPenis extenderNowadays, a lot of men dream of having bigger manhood due to too much exposure of men to the media. They feel self-conscious and insecure as the media shows them how great it is to have enormous manhood. Clearly, this seems to work as some start to create standards...Buffalo Report