Even if you have a girlfriend that assures you that the size of your penis does not matter, you certainly know the truth that size matters indeed. If you fall within the category of men that have to battle with a small penis, you would agree that being a good lover and satisfying your partner in bed the way you ought to becomes a challenge.

Having what can be referred to as an inadequate size of the penis can tell negatively on your sex life, and most times affect your self-confidence which is something you need very much to be successful in life.

You may wonder why I care, but I have been in that shoe before and know exactly what it feels like to not have self-confidence and instead be ashamed due to the size of my penis.

But then there is good news, which is that there is no need for a penile surgery before you can turn your situation around for good. Today, there are better and safer ways which are all-natural that you can use to increase not only the length of your penis but the girth as well. And I am talking about making use of penis extenders.

Mind you, there are various penis extenders that are available in the market and online that you can choose from. Many of them look alike but there are some differences you should be aware of to help you make a decision on which to go for.

In this review article, I have only considered penis extenders that are made with medical-grade materials. The penis extenders I will be reviewing shortly all meet with the requirements of the governing bodies in the UK and US. They are made with strong and hypoallergenic high-quality products, have a more precise traction system, and give you faster and better results.

When you go for a cheap penis extender, you will hardly get the result you seek. You are only assured of getting the best when you go for the ones with a full package such as bells and whistles.

Agreeably, price is not what determines what a good penis extender is, which is why this article review will show you the best extenders that many users swear by.

How will you be able to tell which penis extender is MOST EFFECTIVE? Read on!

I shall be reviewing the top brands based on the following criteria:

  • Overall value
  • Clinical evidence that proves the efficacy
  • Long-term results
  • Adverse effects and safety
  • First-hand documented effects
  • Features and function


Here is a review of the best penile widening and lengthening extenders and stretchers you should be aware of

#1.Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro Unboxed

Our number #1 pick for 2020 as the best penis extender is Quick Extender Pro.? No other system on the market will give you the performance, customer support, and the best price.? This is the only device on the market that is CE certified and classified as a 2nd generation system that includes the exclusive DSS system.? We compared the Quick Extender Pro system with all the other brands on the market today and we can confidently say it is in fact 100% superior in every way and any customer choosing the Quick Extender Pro will not be disappointed with the performance and build quality.

Some of the key features we noticed that makes the Quick Extender Pro superior and why it gets our top recommendation are:

  1. The only device on the market that includes the highest, safest tension at 4000g force.
  2. Exclusive DSS system which provides the highest comfort in the industry, you can read about that here.
  3. 100% Manufactured in and shipped from the USA
  4. Industry-Leading Customer Service
  5. Industry Leady Lifetime Warranty
  6. In-depth Instructional Video with programs and routines to follow, best in class
  7. 4 Specific packages to choose from reaching a wide range of customers need.
  8. The ability to straighten penile curvature

The Quick Extender Pro is the most versatile system available with a wide range of uses and benefits not limited to simply increasing overall penis size.? Although reaching several inches is within reach you will also benefit from improved erection quality as penile blood circulation is drastically improved but also the ability to straighten unsightly penile curvature due to Peyronies or naturally occurring causes.?

Made in the USA, you are guaranteed high-quality materials backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty to ensure your product is free from defects and a lifetime of problem-free usage. You can check their official website to find more details. You can read my full review here.

84% OFF

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#2.Phallosan Forte

The first thing I have to say about this product is that I was thrilled at its unique design and couldn?t wait to try it on. I was very impressed with the company?s professionalism and commitment to serving its customers.

Phallosan Forte comes in a white box and contains different parts. Inside the package, you will find Suction bells that come in various sizes of Small, Medium, and Large. You will need to take a measurement of your penis in a flaccid state to be able to determine the bell that is perfect for you.

Other parts you will find in this package include:

  • Tension clip with tension spring attachment ? this helps you in telling the level of tension that is applied and if you are progressing.
  • Elastic belt ? the role of this belt is to make sure the device does not move unnecessarily. With the belt, Phallosan Forte can be strapped to the leg or the waist and connected to the suction ball with the help of an adapter.
  • Suction ball ? you will find the 3-Way valve here with each playing an important role. The first role is to make sure that your penis is securely placed inside the suction bell. The second is to help you attach the tension clip, and lastly, to lock the device in place.
  • Stretchable protector cap ? this protects your glands and provides comfort due to its powdery nature.

You will also find an instructional DVD to show you how to use the device and also a girth measuring template.

$100 Add-ons +2 yrs Warranty

$100 Add-ons +2 yrs Warranty- Phallosan Forte Discounts

  • Two-year warranty on all parts excluding vacuum condoms and protector caps.
  • 4 extra Sleeve Condoms

Claim this deal from the official Website by clicking on "Claim Now"

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Having made use of different penis stretchers in the market before, I can confidently say that SizeGenetics is one of the best there is. I don?t know if I should start with how comfortable this device is to wear. It has a comfort level that is next to none. I attribute this to the 58-Way Comfort System that makes it possible for the wearer to wear the device for hours long without feeling any sort of discomfort.

To set the records straight, SizeGenetics is not one of those penis extenders you order and hope that it works. It has been endorsed by health experts after a clinical study that was carried out to know if it really and truly works. You may be surprised to learn that even ladies recommend this product.

Want to see Before and After Pictures of penis improvement achieved with SizeGenetics? Check this.

Makeup of SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is made with hypoallergenic and medical grade materials. You will not experience any sort of irritation to your penis or its surroundings when making use of this device. I love the fact that the materials used in producing SizeGenetics are very durable to allow for very long use without you having to deal with wear and tear in a short while.Sizegenetics Ultimate System Unboxed

Another thing I find comfortable about SizeGenetics is that the traction can be adjusted with ease and you do not need much effect to adjust the device to the traction force that is just right for you. SizeGenetics is not interested in hype but goes straight to delivering the results for which you purchased it. Little wonder many television shows and magazines always talk about this device.

Having monitored reviews from people that have made use of the product and also experiencing it first-hand, I am very impressed that the manufacturer of SizeGenetics has maintained the product quality since its inception. They made sure that the traction technique found in the stretcher has been clinically proven to be effective and above all safe.

The results you will get when making use of SizeGenetics depends on your intensity and consistency and other penile exercise routines you may choose to add.


#4.PeniMaster Pro

For me, PeniMaster Pro is the device I just recently finished trying out. I was curious to know how effective this product is since I have made use of other penis extenders. ?I wanted to know if it just another scam or if it truly works. I was really amazed when I learned that this device holds down its own in terms of effectiveness and comfortably competes with other top-ranking penis extenders.

It may interest you to know that PeniMaster Pro is manufactured by a company based in Germany. This to me is very assuring that the quality of the product used in making this device is nothing short of the best.

When you order PeniMaster Pro, your order will arrive in an anonymous package. That means that no one will be able to tell what the package contains unless it is opened. You will not have issues with your package being held up by customs service.

I love that this device comes with a lovely case that you can store the main device as well as its accessories. The case has provision for the device and its parts so that everything is arranged neatly. What you will find inside the package are colored sluices, PRO basic systems, hoe, a ball pump, diaphragms, rod expander, a belt, and guides.

The manufacturer made sure that the comfort level of this device is top-notch. PeniMaster Pro does not make use of sponge systems to ensure that your glands are properly secured for traction but instead make use of special cream and medical latex diaphragm. With that in place, PeniMaster Pro is comfortable, secure, and hygienic to use.

There are so many wonderful things about this device that I can go on and on, but that does not mean I will not warn you of some things you may experience when starting out with this product. You should know that getting the hang of how to wear this device for the first time can take quite some time. For me, it took me 45 minutes before I finally overcame it. With consistent use, I mastered the art of putting it on correctly.

#5.X4 Labs

Here is another wonderful penis extender that you can consider when it comes to good penis extenders. The company behind X4 Labs is a reputable one and has been in the market for a very long time. If other penis extenders have not worked for you in the past, you may want to give X4 Labs a trial.

What makes X4 Labs special?

One thing I love about this product is that it is made by a reputable company that has a track record of producing good products. X4 Labs is one of their products and when I read up reviews from people that have made use of the product, I realized that it was worth trying it.

I also love the fact that the company offers various packages to suit beginners and those that have advanced in penile training. They have a starter kit for beginners and advanced package which comes with various accessories to suit the needs of people who have advanced in penile training and want more results.

Another thing that makes this product unique is that its upgrade kit is universal and can be used with other brands of penis extenders. X4 Labs also comes in a unique design that provides enough comfort so that you can wear the device for long hours.

Personally, I have made use of this device for 3 months and I love that it is very comfortable to wear. There was never a time I experienced soreness or irritation. And X4 Labs has clinical studies like other devices I listed above. With this device, you can be sure that you are using a device recommended by doctors.

I will recommend that you go with the complete package when going for X4 Labs penis extender. You even have an option to pay 50% upfront and pay the rest much later in 2 or 3 installments. I don?t think any other quality penis extender offers you this option, which is why you should be grabbing this device with two hands.

Why you should only choose the best penis extenders?

Obviously, the first reason is that you will get to enjoy better sex life. You will be more interested in sexual activities more than ever before. Needless pointing out that your confidence level will skyrocket and that your partner will surely appreciate all the work you have put in.

The reason for this is that penis extenders have been proven to be very effective in helping you add inches to your penis length. These penis extenders mentioned above have clinical studies that back up their effectiveness. There is no doubt that traction stretching is the way to go if you are looking to see an increase in the size of your penis. The products I reviewed above all come with nothing less than a 6-month money-back guarantee.

Can I easily add more than 2 inches to my penis size?

The answer to that is yes, you can. If you will only commit to using the device and follow-through, you will continue to see amazing results that will encourage you to keep going until you are satisfied. Most of the users report up to 25-30% gains in length after 6-12 months of regular usage.

Penis Stertcher results from clinical study
Clinical Study Results

Getting the inches you desire will not happen if you only think and dream about it without taking action. Penis extenders are worth every effort put into making them work for you. You will also agree that the extra attention you will get from the ladies is enough motivation to give penis extenders a trial.

Things to know about best penis extenders

The best penis extenders have the capacity to give you a visibly bigger penis. These devices make use of a traction method with small apparatus meant to encourage your penis to gradually grow over time. When you hear the name ?extender,? this may sound scary but rest assured that it isn?t as scary as it sounds.

While there are many penis extenders out there, there are only a few that are truly cost-effective, comfortable and worth the effort you put in. Do not just go for a penis extender, but take an extensive look at what it offers and if it suits your needs.

What can you expect from using the best penis extender?

Apart from the obvious fact that it will greatly increase the size of your penis, you also get some relief, if you are suffering from Peyronie?s disease or what is referred to as bent or curved penis. When you make use of medical type 1 traction devices, you are guaranteed of correcting this situation.

There is no doubt that the main reason people go for penis extenders is to increase the size of their penis. Regardless of how small your penis is, there is always a penis extender that will help you increase it to a size you will be happy with.

How you can tell a high-quality penis extender from an inferior one

Unique traits and basic qualities ? not all penis extenders out there are made with high caliber components such as medical grade materials. You have to make sure that this quality is found in the penis extender you choose to go with. Make sure that the one you decide to go with is unobstructed, comfortable, durable, safe to use, and easy to manage.

Safety guarantee ? you need not be told that the penis is a fragile organ that needs to be handled with utmost care. A good quality penis extender always comes with the CE Stamp to assure you of its safety and that it isn?t a non-invasive treatment. Exposing your penis to any form of harm can cause severe irritation and irreversible damage that has a 50-50% chance of being corrected through surgery. The penis extenders I listed above all come with CE Stamps.

Medically approved?? you should only go for penis extenders that have clinical backings in guaranteeing its safety and effectiveness. Traction devices do not come cheap and this is because they actually WORK. Going for cheap products or cheaper package options may not be worth it in the long run.

Look out for the price ? although the price is not what determines a good penis extender, there is a reason these devices go for as high as $400 for a full package. The originals can only be bought from the manufacturer?s website and so you should beware of those ones you see online that may sell at a relatively cheaper rate but end up being a fake version.

When choosing a penis extender, only choose the one that meets the criteria that will best deliver the results you are interested in. All you need is to choose a good device, commit to it, and watch your penis grow.

Best buyer guide

Many men find it difficult when deciding on which penis extender to go for. Some of them do not even know what to look out for. If you fall within this category, I won?t blame you because I was once in your shoes. The first device I bought left me in pain with no result. I had a terrible experience when starting out which is why I am taking the pains to make sure you don?t have to go through the same process before arriving at the best penis extender for you.

The following guide will help you when shopping for a penis extender to buy. I will be stating the basic things you should look out for when buying a penis extender.

Accessories and replacement parts

One of the vital things to check when considering a penis extender is the packages that are available. And this has to do with the product accessories and replacement. You may find the same product having different packages. Find out what the extra packages offer. If it will help you get results faster and give you more comfort, the price difference you will pay now may be worth it in the long run. You should also look out for important things like comfort cushions or pads, silicone straps, and nooses.

Before going for any penis extender, I make it a point of duty to find out if the manufacturer will be able to replace any of the parts should I have any need to. This is important because no device is free from getting damaged at some point especially after a long period of time. Making sure the manufacturer offers replacement parts ensures that I will not have to replace the whole device if any of the parts are damaged.

?Size adjustment

It is true that penis extenders do not automatically fit every penis size, but if the penis extender has a fit adjustment, you will be able to adjust it to fit your size. Making sure you achieve the perfect fit will help in making sure that you get the right traction force your penis requires so that you can see results faster. You will find that most penis extenders offer some sort of adjustments so that you get the right tension for your penis. Some of them come in the form of calibrated springs that are attached to the device?s visual markers found in the rods. Next time you see calibration on a penis extender, do not be surprised.

Extra parts availability

There is no point going for a penis extender that getting its parts is very difficult. It is best if you go for those that come with extra parts so that you do not have to worry about buying new parts so soon. If after going through penis extenders and you find the one that comes with extra extension rods of various lengths or extra parts, you should most definitely go for such ones. The extra length rods will help you transition into further growth when you outgrow the main one you are using.

No doubt that such will also make sure that you have the right part when you want to fit in your flaccid penis size. Those extra extension rods ensure that I am able to adjust the device to suit the length of my penis. You will find that such devices are more expensive, but they are well worth it. Do not go for penis extenders that come with just one rod size because you will definitely outgrow it with time.

Detailed user guide

It is very important that the penis extender you go for has a well-detailed instructional guide. This will help in putting you through on how to assemble the various parts. Instructional guide will also provide more information on how you ought to use the product as well as all other details you need to know.

Some of the user guides that come with penis extenders also come with a written instructional guide to provide more insight into the device.

Warranty and money-back guarantee

If a company manufactures a product and backs it with a money-back guarantee, it is an indication that they are very confident about their product. The products I listed above have a money-back guarantee. Some of them offer warranty instead and only extends to parts that need replacement due to wear and tear.

How to get the best when using a penis extender?

The tips I am about to share with you will help you in getting the best out of your penis extender. You may get the best penis extender and use it, but without a proper routine and well-laid-out plans, you may not get the results you would have ordinarily gotten. Using your penis extender wrongly might lead to complications that you do not want. Here are tips to help you get the best out of your penis extender:

Plan out your routine

Aside from making use of penis extender, we all know that when you have a routine on how to carry out a task, you end up achieving what you set out for. The same thing goes when you are making use of penis extenders. With SizeGenetics, I got 0.5 inches in a few weeks just because I made sure I followed through with their routine.

Sticking to a plan will be all worth it in the end because you will be satisfied with the result you got. ?No matter how quick you want to see results, do not make the mistake of wearing the penis extender beyond the recommended time. Doing so may lead to injury or cause you some pains or discomfort that you will regret.

You are always advised to stop making use of your penis extender if you start experiencing pain at any point. And you are to take a break from using the device until the pain subsides. With that said, it is better to be safe than sorry and go with the recommendation from your penis extender manufacturer.


Be regular

Please do not believe anyone that told you that you will soon end up with a gigantic penis when using penis extenders. There is no doubt that you will get an impressive increase in the size of your penis, but this will not come overnight. You need to be consistent as well as disciplined in your routine to be able to get the desired result when making use of penis extenders.

If your goal is to get permanent results, then you should be able to be patient and consistent when making use of these devices. Start off at the recommended tension and build your way up to a tension level that isn?t quite uncomfortable. It?s true you have to leave your comfort zone and step up to the next tension level at some point, but always listen to your body and never go overboard when using penis extenders.

Do not overstretch

This point is an extension of the previous point. The reason I am emphasizing it again is so that you will know how important it is that you do not go overboard when using penis extenders. Do not at any point overstretch your penis as doing so will only result in injury.

Having a bigger dick shouldn?t be an uphill task!

In the past, men have gone through crazy things to increase the size of their penis such as putting weights on their penis, drink strange concoctions, and carry out some penile exercises. Although I have to admit that some of them helped us to know that it is possible to actually grow the size of the penis, but this has to be done safely.

Today, you do not have to go through some uncertain and dangerous means of getting to grow the size of your penis. All you need to do is to wear your penis extender for a few hours in a day and you are good to go. If you stick to a routine, you will definitely see results in as little as a month.

So, why aren?t all men getting a bigger penis since it isn?t difficult?

Men are indeed getting bigger penis size since making use of penis extenders. Not everyone will be proud to say they got their new penis size all thanks to penis extenders, but they are quite happy with the result. Also, only a few will like to divulge the fact that they once had a small penis.

Penis Extender FAQs

There are some questions that I get asked often about penis extenders, and so I want to provide answers to most of them. These questions apply to penis extenders and not just a specific product. Let?s get some of them answered.

How big can I get using a penis extender?

There are many things that affect how soon you get to see results when making use of penis extenders. Everyone grows at a different pace. And just like bodybuilding, some people tend to start seeing results from 4 weeks while some start seeing results from 2 weeks or lesser. Besides, with penis extenders, some people stick to the routine while some may deviate from time to time. And some people are quick in building muscles and replenishing cells that have broken down.

These are some of the reasons you may or may not see results as quickly as you expected. Many people have gotten as much as 3 inches gain with the help of penis extenders. But this does take some effort, consistency, and long use.

The good news is that you will definitely see results from 2 to 3 months and as you go on, you will even see more impressive results using penis extenders. Just do not overstretch your penis simply because you want to see quick results.

Are penis extenders fool-proof?

Penis extenders work but not all of them. What makes a penis extender effective is not how costly or cheap it sells. This is why I took the time to list the 4 penis extenders that have been proven to work again and again. And they are backed by clinical and scientific studies to show that they really work. Many reviews are also online on how effective these devices are.

Which penis extender is the best?

This question is a little hard to answer because everyone?s needs differ. These penis extenders have their unique shapes and method and so what you find convenient with one product may not be so for me. You have to consider your comfort and ease of using the device before concluding on the one that is best. But be sure that all the penis extenders listed in this review are all good products to choose from.

Which penis extender is best for someone with a small penis?

The reality is that many people that think they have small penis size actually have an average size of the penis. Perhaps you think you are small because your partner has told you so after comparing you with other people.

However, regardless of how small you may think your penis is, these penis extenders listed above will help you achieve a bigger penis in no time despite your beginning size.

How can I adjust the traction tension levels?

Penis extenders work differently and you will usually see how to adjust the tension in the instructional DVD or user guide. For instance, SizeGenetics makes use of rods which you can manipulate to increase the tension. On the other hand, Phallosan Forte works differently because of its unique design. Just read or watch the accompanying material your penis device came with and you will be properly guided.

Which traction level should I aim for?

The clinical research carried out showed that 1500 grams of calibrated tension is just about okay especially when you intend to use the device for up to 6 months. You can surely build your tension level up to 3000 grams, but this must be done gradually. And if at any point you start experiencing pain, it means you are either going too quickly or putting your penis through a tension it cannot handle.

Many people using penis extenders over a long period of time do not go over 2500 grams. The rule is to start small and build your way up while always listening to your body.

When putting my penis extender on, should I compress it?

Some of them require that you do compress them so that the noose or strap can comfortably fit around your penis. If you watch the instructional DVD that came with your device, you will be able to wear your device the proper way.

How can I tell if my girth will fit the penis extender I choose?

This is why you must go through the manufacturer?s website and read up on what they have to say about the device. Many of them will give you a girth base measurement which is like the basal ring for people with an erect penis of an average of 4.5 to 5.0 inches circumference. For Phallosan Forte, you will find that they have Small, Medium, and Large sizes so that you can find the size that fits you.








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