Are you thinking about getting a bigger penis? Forget about magic pills and expensive surgery?you may want to check out PeniMaster Pro instead.

 2020 Update: Phallosan Forte is my top premium choice and Quick Extender Pro is my best value for money choice now. 

There?s no doubt that the supplement industry is a multi-billion-dollar business. It does help that they?re not really covered by the FDA. In the marketing supplement makers use, it seems like their pills can prevent any illness, cure any ailment, and improve any physical condition. They?re for everything, and that means you?ve got miraculous products claiming to enlarge your penis as well.

That?s all well and good, except for one tiny thing: they don?t actually work. Not when it comes to actually enlarge the penis. Contrary to what you may have read (and hoped for), there?s no medicine or supplement you can take that can magically turn your penis bigger.

But then we have penile extenders. These are mechanical devices that stretch the penis for several hours a day, which you do on a daily basis. After a few months of this, you may gain an inch or so, which for many men is a big deal. That?s been shown in several studies, and these are studies that have been published in respected medical journals.

Which brings us to the PeniMaster Pro. It?s a penile extender, using that basic traction force to enlarge penises. But does it actually work? Is it safe to use? How do you use it? Is it worth your money?

Let?s find the answers to these questions.

What?s PeniMaster Pro?

PeniMaster Pro is the advanced penile extender made by MSP Concept. This is a German company, and we all know the stereotypes regarding German engineering and manufacturing. This product is a shining example?it works, though it?s a bit complicated. It?s a bit like trying to find out why German cars are so good.

How Does It Work?

It works by applying traction force to the penis for extended periods. When you do this to the penis, the cells in the penile tissues divide and then multiply. You now get more cells in your penile tissues, which lead to greater length and girth for your penis.

It may seem overly simplistic, but the principle actually works. Various studies have been published in reputable journals, including the British Journal of Urology International. In 2011, the journal published a study that indicated the effectiveness of these gadgets. In fact, the study attested to the fact that this is the only type of product that actually works for penile enlargement, with the scientific proof to back up the claims.

Other studies also show that these devices work for men (above 18 years of age) of all ages. You can be middle-aged and you can still use it. You can even use this while you?re in your 70s!

In the PeniMaster Pro, you have a vacuum force to apply the traction, and you may use either belts or rods as additional components. In fact, you can even use actual weights to stretch the penis, which clearly demonstrates how this process is very similar to muscle-building.

When you?re trying to build bigger muscles, you?re often counseled to lift weights while taking in lots of protein. The weights cause microtears in your muscles, and your muscles rebuild themselves with the protein you take in. That way, your muscles get bigger as a result.

With penile extenders, the traction force just causes the cells in the penis to multiply and increase, leading to a bigger penis. However, there?s one crucial way that these two processes are different.

Once you?ve built your bigger muscles, you then still have to continue working out to make sure you maintain your muscles. If you don?t, the muscles will atrophy.

But with the size gain you get with the penile extenders, you don?t need any maintenance usage. Once you get the gains you want, you can just stop using the penile extender. You don?t get any smaller once you?re at the size you want.

PMP Package Options

Here are the available options if you want to use PeniMaster Pro. There?s also a Classic PeniMaster option, but the Pro is just better (and more cost-effective).

  • PeniMaster Pro Classic. This uses a vacuum force to stretch the penis. It costs ?134.
  • PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander. This is the version that uses the rod design (along with the vacuum force) to apply the traction. This costs ?209.
  • PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander. This uses various belts (hip belt, shoulder belt, and knee belt) to apply the traction force in addition to the vacuum force. It costs ?192.
  • PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander. This time, you get a set of weights to stretch the penis. You start with just 250 grams, and then go up to a max load of 1,250 grams. It costs ?229.
  • PeniMaster Pro Complete Set. If you?re unsure of what to get or you?re curious about the various options, just go with this one. You then get everything, all for ?243.

How It Works

To tell you the truth, the complete set of instructions can be rather complicated (that?s an understatement). The info on their website is filled with technical jargon. Even the instruction manual (which you can download) is 60 pages long!

It?s extremely convoluted, and it seems like it was written by a German who doesn?t really know how to write simple English words. It actually reads like a technical paper (though we joke that German engineers probably talk this way for everyday situations).

So what do you do? Do as we did, and actually watch the DVD that comes with each package. That may be a problem for some since nowadays not all laptops have DVD drives. But it?s important that you watch the DVD so that you know for sure what to do regarding the assembly and use of the PMP.

Think of it this way?if you just wing it, you may end up hurting your penis. That?s not an acceptable risk for most guys.

The gist, though, is simple. Just start slow in applying the traction force. Start with the minimum force, and then use it for only an hour each day for the first week. That way, you can get used to the sensation of stretching your penis for such a long period of time.

Then after each week, you can try extending the time frame by another hour each day. After several weeks, you can also increase the force you apply. Again, increase the force gradually.

The comparison to weightlifting holds when it comes to the force you use?don?t overdo things. You?ll just end up straining your penis.

The keyword here in the instructions is comfort. The PeniMaster Pro is designed for the utmost comfort when you?re using it. This means that if you?re not feeling comfy, you?re doing it wrong!

Pros and Cons

Just like any other product, the PeniMaster Pro has its advantages and drawbacks.


  • This offers a lot of options when it comes to traction force. This starts with the basic vacuum force, but you can pick and choose the supplementary force you can use in addition to the vacuum. You can go with the traditional rod extender, which is the design used by most penile extenders. You can go with the belt, which may be more comfortable for you. There?s even a set of weights.
  • You enjoy the typical high quality that German engineering offers. The stereotype of the effective German engineering is often cited because it?s too often true. This is a marvel of design, meant to offer you several options for your continued comfort.
  • The price is very reasonable. The Complete Set cost in dollars is mere $263.42. That?s extremely reasonable, as some other top-of-the-line models retail for $1,000. Many of the other brands offer their standard models with prices comparable to the PNP Pro Complete Set.
  • This is extremely comfortable to use. You should be able to wear this for hours on end in no time. That?s because it?s actually designed with comfort as one of the top priorities (along with effectiveness, of course). If you don?t feel comfortable, you?ve done something wrong.
  • It?s very hygienic. The various components are easy to clean, unlike the sponges that you may find in other models. Cleanliness is obviously something we guys prioritize when it comes to our penis, so this is one benefit you?ll appreciate.
  • The DVD instructions are also comprehensive. You?re shown (not told through text) what to do for various tasks. You?ll know how to assemble the components properly, and how to use and adjust the device. You?re even shown the positions you need to take when using the device, as well as how you can dress while using the PMP Pro. Other directions include how to clean the various components as well.
  • It comes in a discreet white box. You (or anyone else) won?t know what?s inside.
  • All the components are made with premium materials.
  • It?s actually effective. In other words?it works.


  • Complicated directions. If you don?t read German, then you know how strange German words are when you read them. You get that same feeling when reading the instruction manual, or even just the text on the website. It?s like an engineer wrote the manuals and the website text instead of a marketing official, and it?s like they think only other engineers will read what they wrote. Who has time to read a 60-page manual filled with jargon? Who would even want to make an effort?
  • You really don?t want to use this when you?re not entirely sober. The manual emphasizes this, and you really don?t want to break this directive. You may end up hurting your penis?don?t risk it!
  • At first, you may experience some skin irritation. That?s normal, for all penile extenders and not just this one.

How Does It Compare to Other Penile Extenders?

It?s simply one of the most comfortable penile extenders you can use. Take note, comfortable?isn?t often a word associated with penile extenders at all. After all, you?re stretching your penis. During medieval times, stretching people?s arms and legs were popular forms of torture.

It?s also very effective?as long as you follow directions! This is hard to use at first, as you?ll need to watch the DVD to know what to do. Over time, you should be familiar with the steps involved.

In a way, it?s like a combination of the SizeGenetics and Phallosan devices. The SizeGenetics uses rods to apply the traction, while Phallosan mainly uses the vacuum force. PeniMaster Pro uses vacuum and offers rod extenders as an option.

Personal Results

It took me 6 months of use to get my penis about 1.25 inches longer, and with an increase of half an inch in circumference. That?s not bad, especially with how I felt most comfortable during all this time.

The start was rather rocky since I made the mistake of thinking that it?s a simple device. It?s not as if I haven?t tried other penile extenders. But this is a different story, so after an hour of fumbling about, I finally decided to just watch the DVD. Fortunately, I still have a DVD player in storage.

That?s the main point?watch the DVD, follow demonstrations faithfully, and enjoy your gains.

Where to Buy

You should just buy this from the original website. It?s true that this means it will be sent from Germany, and not from a shop near you. You may even have to incur delivery charges.

Still, by buying from the PMP website you make sure that you?re getting the real deal. You?ll get the authentic product, and it will be brand-new and not used. This product has been tested and has passed the stringent quality controls that Germany is known for. You?re also surer to get the warranty.

Finally, MSP sends its PNP Pro packages in a discreet white box. No one will know what you?re getting but you. You?ll then know you got the real thing after a few months when you have a bigger penis.

Bruce JPenis extenderAre you thinking about getting a bigger penis? Forget about magic pills and expensive surgery?you may want to check out PeniMaster Pro instead. There?s no doubt that the supplement industry is a multi-billion-dollar business. It does help that they?re not really covered by the FDA. In the marketing supplement makers...Buffalo Report