DanaMedic is the company from Denmark that’s behind the longstanding success of the venerable Jes Extender line of penile enhancement products. They’ve been around since 1995, and that makes them the pioneer of this industry. Now the Jes Extender (full review) offers a time-tested design, but DanaMedic decided to innovate and improve that design with the newer MaleEdge line of penis extender products. This launch was in 2008 after years of research and development, and the patent for the new design was finally granted in 2012.

Like the Jes Extender, the MaleEdge (official website) penis extender is designed to make your penis bigger but without the premium price tag. In addition, you can also use it to reduce the curvature of your penis. It is designed to work on its own, without any changes to your diet and to your workout routine. It’s certainly a more reliable method than herbal supplements, and it’s also cheaper and much less dangerous than penile surgery.

How Does It Work?

The MaleEdge penis extender works according to the basic penile traction formula. You have a device that you wear on your penis, which stretches the penis over an extended period of time. You have to wear this device daily, and better if for several hours a day.

When you stretch the penis, the tissue cells react by dividing and multiplying. This means you get new penile tissue cells to compensate for the stretched length. That gives you a longer and thicker penis.

In a way, it?s like lifting weights to build bigger muscles. When you lift weights, you stress out and cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. Your muscles react by rebuilding using protein, so as a result, you get bigger muscles. It’s the way with penile traction.

Of course, you can?t expect overnight results. Like muscle building, you need to wait for a few months to get any noticeable results. However, at least the results as permanent. This isn’t a pump that gives you a bigger penis for only a few hours at a time before your penis reverts to its former size.

The good news about the MaleEdge penile extender is that it works. There have been several studies published in reputable medical and scientific journals that attest to its effectiveness. In fact, several experts have stated that the use of penile extenders should be the first option for those who wish to enlarge their penis. It’s safer and more affordable than penile surgery, and it’s also more effective than using the herbal supplements that supposedly can lead to a bigger penis.

My Personal Results

I started out using this an hour a day during the first week, setting the tension force at the lower levels. This gives me the chance to get used to the feeling of having this device connected to my penis. After each week, I added another hour to my daily use while I also increased the tension force somewhat. Thankfully, there were no uncomfortable moments and no skin irritation problems.

I did get the 1-inch improvement I wanted, but only after fully 6 months. This seems good enough for me, to get my 5-inch penis to 6 inches. At least now I’m “average”! I’m still thinking about whether to continue to use this afterward since I don’t really want an overly large penis.

That’s the kind of result you should expect as well. An inch after 6 months is pretty much the average improvement. At least the improvement is permanent, so you don’t need to wear the device afterward to maintain the benefits.


MaleEdge Options

MaleEdge offers 3 penile extender sets of components all in a nice portable zippered bag.

  1. MaleEdge Basic, $150. This comes with all the basic components you need. It includes the enlarger device along with 2 rubber straps, a ruler, the travel box, the brochure, and a training diary. Your purchase comes with a money-back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty.
  2. MaleEdge Extra, $175.?This is more comfortable to wear since you get 3 rubber straps along with a protection pad. You get all the goodies in the Basic package, plus access to a helpful online instructional video.
  3. MaleEdge Pro, $200. This time, you get 5 rubber straps, 2 protection pads, plus a cohesive gauze.

You may notice that there are no set limits offered here for penis size, but this doesn?t really work for much bigger penises. It?s best for smaller penises since these are the ones that men tend to want to make bigger. If you already have a 9-inch penis, you may want to consider other options instead.

If you do have a smaller than average penis, you may want to go with the Pro package among the MaleEdge options. Having lots of straps, protection pads help, and you also have the cohesive gauze that can make it much more comfortable for you to wear the penile extender.

How to Use the MaleEdge Penile Extender

It’s easy enough to understand the basic design of the MaleEdge device. You start by placing your flaccid penis at the base ring so that your penis is then set between the 2 tension rods. The head of your penis rests on the front part, which you can then secure with the accessories so your penis stays in place. You then adjust the tension rods to the traction force you want to use.

It’s important that you use the proper traction level for the best results. It can?t be too strong, or else you may feel overly uncomfortable and you may cause serious injury. That’s not really something you’d want for your penis. At the same time, you don’t want to use too little force because you’re not causing enough stress for the tissue cells to divide and multiply. Remember the weightlifting analogy? you can’t lift overly lightweight or too heavy weights if you want to build bigger muscles.

Now if you’re new to penile extenders in general, it will be quite uncomfortable for you when you use the device for the first time. This is actually true for all penile extenders in general. After all, you’re applying traction, and it wasn’t that long ago when traction devices were used for torture.

But you can apply minimal force when you begin, and you can limit the use for just one hour during the 1st?week of your schedule. After each week, you should feel more used to the sensation so you can gradually increase the force by a few hundred grams. You can also add another hour of daily use each week. By the 6th?week, you can use the device 6 hours a day with close to 2,000 grams of traction force.

Be sure to watch the instructional video online, which you can get from the official site at maleedge.com. That should illustrate what you need to do so you’re sure you are doing it right.


Here are the advantages of using MaleEdge

  1. The makers of MaleEdge are the same people behind the classic Jes Extender devices. That means they’ve been in the industry of penile enlargement since the very beginning, and they sure know what they’re doing. They’ve taken some customer requests into account in order to come up with this newer design.
  2. When this is sent to your home, it’s in discreet packaging so no one else knows your business.
  3. MaleEdge is eminently affordable. I don’t mean just in comparison to penile surgery, which is certainly a lot costlier. But when compared to other penile extenders, the MaleEdge compares very well. The most expensive MaleEdge package costs the same as the cheapest basic Jes Extender set. The priciest Jes Extender costs 5 times as much as the MaleEdge Pro.
  4. It’s easy enough to use. You really only have to watch the video and you’re all set. It’s not really all that complicated.
  5. You can also adjust the tension setting so that you’re not overly uncomfortable. You can expect a bit of discomfort especially at the beginning of your regimen. After all, if this is like muscle-building then lifting heavy weights isn’t always easy either. But you can set the setting to a point that you can tolerate for hours.
  6. MaleEdge uses only top-quality materials. That bodes well for durability, but the use of high-quality materials prevents problems like skin reactions to the device.
  7. After a while, you can also get used to the sensation so you forget you’re wearing the device.
  8. It’s not really all that big either, so you can wear the penile extender under loose clothing. That means you may even want to consider wearing this during work hours if you’re working at an office.
  9. The box allows you to bring the entire set along when you travel, so you don’t miss out on your schedule. The box even looks very nice in their bright colors.
  10. There’s a money-back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty.


There are some drawbacks that you need to be aware of, however.

  1. There will be some discomfort at first. This is generally true for all penile extenders and not just an issue with the MaleEdge penile extender. You’re stretching your penis for hours at a time, so if you’re not used to the sensation it won’t be very comfortable in the beginning.
  2. There are only 3 packages to choose from. You don’t have a set that you can use for overly large penises. However, for some, this is actually an advantage since it’s easier to choose among the options.
  3. You won’t be able to do a lot of strenuous activities when you’re wearing the device. You won’t be able to have sex or masturbate without removing it first, and the same goes when you need to urinate.
  4. You can also only use this overnight if you don’t move around much when you sleep. You don’t want to turn and sleep on your stomach while wearing this.
  5. The improvements may take up to 6 months, at least for most men. This is a long-term project. Even for those who get quick results, they can only notice improvements after 4 months or so.
  6. You may also not be able to enlarge your penis as much as you might like. It’s like taking medicine you don’t know how well your body will respond to the treatment. It also depends on other factors such as your age and general health.

Compared with Other Penile Extenders

Here are some of the salient facts you need to take into account when you compare MaleEdge with other brands:

  1. Its brand has a sterling reputation. That’s because the same company behind the famous Jes Extender line of products is also the maker of MaleEdge. So, they have the experience and the reputation for quality and reliability you’ll want.
  2. Compared to the Jes Extender products, MaleEdge is very affordable. The cheapest of the Jes Extenders cost the same as the most expensive of the MaleEdge options. You only pay $200 for the top of the line MaleEdge, compared to the $1,000 price for the most expensive Jes Extender.
  3. This is actually very comfortable. That’s the main difference with the new design that came out in 2008. In comparison, the Jes Extender line came out in 1995. This means the makers of MaleEdge have more than a dozen years of customer reviews to help them create a more comfortable package.
  4. The device packages also come in nice colored bags that help you bring it along when you travel.
  5. On the other hand, this may not be well-suited for you if your penis is already very large and you want to make it bigger. Jes Extender has a version that can accommodate a 9-inch penis. Of course, you do have to wonder why you?d want to make your penis bigger of it?s already that huge.
  6. The warranty is also just for a year, while it’s 2 years for the Jes Extender.

Where to Buy

Only buy on the official website at maleedge.com. That way, you’re sure you’re getting the real stuff. It’s safer for you to buy MaleEdge here than to trust another seller website.

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