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This extender (official website) is one of the first penis extenders in the market . It got its name from JES B Mueller, the founder of Denmark-based manufacturer DanaMedic ApS, which manufacturers Jes Extender. Mueller had collaborated with Danish surgeon Jorn Ege Siana to develop it. JES extender’s design is very similar to Sizegenetics (as it is made by DanaMedic too). It has gone through major design changes in 2008 and has sold over a million devices. Most successful users report over 1-2 inches gain in length over 6-9 months (800-1200 hours total) using this device. JES has been positioned as a premium product (with Platinum and old version) in the market but the original version should be sufficient for most people. The gains are permanent and it is not recommended to wear the device while sleeping.

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Full Review

The best thing about the Jes Extender line of penis enlargement products is these are one of the oldest and has been made from medical grade materials which are lightweight and hypoallergenic. It has the European CE mark as a Class 1 medical-grade device, TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approval in Australia, and pending FDA approval in the USA.

I looked into the Jes Extender brand precisely because of this reputation. I’m not really completely comfortable about putting strange gadgets on my much-valued penis. If you’re a guy, you surely understand!

At the same time, I also don?t mind trying to get a bigger penis. Again, if you’re a guy you’d understand this desire as well. Sometimes I think it’s a shame that the whole world believes that a 6-inch penis is considered “average”. There’s a very good chance that a man won’t have a penis that long, and that can make any guy feel insecure. In addition, the device can also be used to straighten a penis with too much of a curve. This condition is called Peyronie?s disease, though you don’t have to have this condition to want to reduce the curve of your penis.

So again, it?s good that we have the Jes Extender option. But is it any good?

How Does It Work?

The makers of the Jes Extender claim that their products can increase the length of your penis through the regular application of traction. On average, you can expect an increase of about 28%. That’s more than an inch if you now have a 4-inch penis. You can get it past the 5-inch mark, and that?s certainly better.

To achieve this, the Jes Extender uses penis traction. Basically, it stretches the penis steadily over an extended time period. Your penis tissue cells react by dividing and then multiplying to compensate for all that stretching. This means the increase you get is on a permanent basis.

So, what you do is you just put on the device on your penis, and over time your penis will just get bigger. The device has a simple design, with a base ring and a piece that supports the head of the penis. Connecting these 2 parts are 2 bars that are loaded with springs.

You just put on the device and then adjust the length of the elongation bars. The length will then determine the tension force you apply to your penis. This force can range from 900 to 1,5000 grams of force, which will stress your penis tissues. The tissues will then grow bigger as a result, as your tissue cells divide and multiply.

In a way, the entire process is very to bodybuilding by lifting weights. When you lift weights, you cause microtears in your muscles. Your muscles then make of protein to rebuild, and as a consequence, you get bigger muscles.

Scientific Proof

It’s easy enough to claim such lofty results, but do the makers of the Jes Extender have any scientific proof to back up their boasts? As it turns out, they’re not just making things up. They have cited several reputable studies as corroboration for their claims.

The main one is the study by Italian doctors from the University of Turin. Their findings were published in the British Journal of Urology International in 2011. The doctors concluded penile extenders are the only technique for lengthening the penis which is backed by actual scientific evidence. They confirmed that it was minimally invasive and that in fact, it should be the first option considered for making the penis longer. It’s also recommended for all penis lengths, and not just for the “short” penises. A short penis typically gets quicker and higher % of growth as reported by users. You can check the graph below.

Results of users

Another study was conducted by Wendy Hurn, a urology specialist at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. This particular study involved men from a wide range of ages from 18 to 78. These men wore their penile extenders for 5 hours a day for a period of 3 months. In the end, the average penile length increase ranged from 0.8 to 2.3 cm. The devices also reduced the curvature of the penis by about 20%.

As for non-invasive physical treatments, various procedures have been attempted ?vacuum devices, penile extenders, penoscrotal rings,?and botulinum toxin. Among these conservative methods of penile lengthening, penile traction devices are the technique for which the efficacy is supported by some scientific evidence. This is mainly generated by pilot studies with a prospective noncomparative design and further studies are needed. While the penis can effectively be elongated by an average of 1.5?2.5 cm based on the underlying condition – BJU International

Before and After Results using Extender

28% Gains on Average reported*


Clinical Study Results


My Personal Results

I tried this slowly using the Jes-recommended 6-month startup method, so at first, I used minimal force for only an hour a day. But after six weeks I was comfy enough to almost to the maximum force for 6 hours a day.

The penis improvements only appeared after 3 months or so, and after 5 months I grew up to an inch. That’s great for me, but then I’m easily satisfied! I didn’t feel any sort of discomfort during all that time since I was careful to use only the force level I was comfortable with.

Jes Extender Package Options

You have several packages to choose from here, and they all come in a nice convenient box to hold all the equipment and accessories. The right choice for you will depend on your penis size, budget, and personal preferences.

  1. Light, $200. This is the most basic and most affordable package. It includes the essential components and you’re also able to watch a video on how to use the device. It comes with a 2-year warranty, but it?s designed only for a penis that?s 17 cm (6.7 inches) long at the most.
    Light Version
  2. Original, $230.?This comes in a classier mahogany case along with a set of keys, plus the extender parts, the 2-year warranty, and access to the video. This time, you can use this for a penis up to 24 cm (9.1 inches) long.
  3. Titanium, $250.?This time the case is made with lightweight aluminum, and it’s very portable. You also get an additional set of elongation bars, plus the penile length limit is still 9.1 inches.
  4. Silver, $300.?You get the extra elongation bars and the components are coated in pure sterling silver.
  5. Gold, $350.?Now your metal components are coated in 24-karat gold.
  6. Platinum, $1,000.?You get the extra accessories plus everything is coated in pure platinum.
Original Version (Most Popular)

The bestseller among these is the original since you don’t really your components to be coated in silver, gold, or platinum. You get everything you need at a decent price, and it should be able to handle your penis size. After all, if your penis is longer than 9.1 inches, perhaps you ought to be satisfied with what you have!

How to Use the Jes Extender

The first thing you need to do us to watch the instructional video, so you know what you’re doing. The included manual will also inform you about how to assemble the various parts correctly.

Once the extender is assembled, you can then insert your penis through the base ring, placed between the 2 elongation bars. This is best done while your penis is flaccid. The head of your penis should then rest on the front piece, and you should then strap the head on to secure it.

You can then apply traction force by twisting the elongation bars. As you twist the bars, the action will increase the length of the device with your penis along for the ride. Just make sure you use the right traction force. If it’s too loose, then you’re not stressing your penis and you’re not going to get any longer. But if it’s too tight, it can be very uncomfortable and it can lead to injury.

It’s best if you slowly get used to the device, starting with just minimal force for a short period of time. Maybe for the first week, you can go with 800 to 1200 grams for just an hour a day. You can then increase the number of hours as the weeks pass, while you also slowly increase the force. BY the 2nd week you can go with 2 hours a day, and by the third week, you can go 3 hours with a stronger traction force. By week 6, you may be going 6 hours a day with 2000 grams of force.

Again, don’t use too strong a force right away, and you shouldn?t use the device more than 12 hours a day. You may be able to use this outside the house if you wear loose clothing, and if you’re not doing anything strenuous. If you’re a careful sleeper, you may even be able to use this overnight.


There are quite a few advantages to using the Jes Extender:

  1. This is certified as a Class 1 medical device, and it is CE marked. This means it meets all the safety and health standards set forth by the EU. The registration with the FDA is also pending.
  2. The parts are made from strong hypoallergenic materials. They’re all medical-grade.
  3. The setup isn’t all that hard, and it’s simple to use as well. Just watch the instructional video.
  4. It’s actually not very uncomfortable at all to use, once you get used to the sensation. The design and the materials used were all selected for how comfy they are.
  5. There?s no set tension level, so you can adjust the tension according to how comfy you feel.
  6. This will work for most penis sizes. So even if you’re already bigger than average, you can still get longer and bigger if you want.
  7. There aren’t any side effects as long as you take care to use the device properly. That means starting slowly too.
  8. When you receive the device, it is packaged discreetly.
  9. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work at least you don’t waste your money. You have to keep a log of your usage as per their prescribed format to claim the money back. This is to prevent people from exploiting the clause.


However, there are drawbacks you may have to consider as well. Some of these drawbacks, however, pertain to penile extenders in general and not just to the Jes Extender.

  1. You can only buy this online.
  2. As you may have noticed, some of the options are downright expensive. You may find other options that can better fit your budget.
  3. It can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially at first. It takes time to get used to the feeling.
  4. You won’t be able to have sex or masturbate when you’re using this. You can?t urinate as well. So, it can get rather tedious having to take this on and off if you’re constantly going to the toilet.
  5. It can take months before you see any changes and improvements.
  6. Results can also vary. The 28% increase is the average?so you may enjoy a lower than average improvement.

Compared with Other Penile Extenders

What makes the Jes Extender devices look very good when compared to its competitors is its long history. It’s the first penile extender in the industry, so it has had a long time to establish a reputation for effectiveness and reliability. Jes offers a time-proven design, backed by the hundreds of thousands of customers over many years.

On the other hand, competitors say that they’ve made improvements in the original Jes design so they offer better benefits. Some claim to be more comfortable to use, due to upgrades to the straps and other accessories. Also, many of the competition offer their devices at lower prices.

Where to Buy

If you’re buying the Jes Extender, make sure you only buy it from the official website at You risk buying a fake (or not getting anything at all) if you buy from another site. On the official website, you can also be sure that the money-back guarantee will be honored. You can use the following code to get the best deal available.

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Please share your review in the comment section after using it for 6 months.


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