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VigRX Plus is a combination of different herbs gotten from different parts of the world. Some of these herbs are known to be very potent and are combined and blended to work on the penile tissues in the penis for an easy and better erection. There are two basic spongy areas in your penis that are responsible for helping you get an erection. They are called the corpora cavernosa and work better when they receive proper blood flow. VigRX Plus works on the corpora cavernosa to expand by increasing its ability to hold more blood so that your penis appears bigger. There is an ingredient contained in VigRX Plus known as Bioperine 5mg and has been medically and clinically proven to help the body absorb other ingredients. And this is just one of the numerous effective ingredients contained in VigRX Plus. They do have a money-back guarantee if you buy from the official website. Stick to their website rather than marketplaces to avoid fake ones.

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My Take on VigRX

I have been making use of VigRX Plus for nothing less than 3 months now and I think it?s time I shared my unbiased experience while on it with you guys.

Update! You can read up on more comments from other users in the comment section below.

To start with, I must say that when it comes to spending money on fixing the issues I had with getting an erection, I really spent a lot of money doing so. After spending so much on pills that didn?t do much for me, I finally found VigRX Plus that worked for me.

If you are wondering why I choose to give VigRX Plus a 4-star and not the 5-star that it deserves, it?s because I wish it worked immediately, but the real effect truly kicks in when you have used it up to 3 to 6 weeks. Now don?t get me wrong, when I mean kick in, I don?t mean that it does not give you an erection after about an hour after taking a pill. What I mean is that it took that long for my system to finally be able to get an erection on its own without VigRX Plus.

And when it finally kicks in, boy you had better be prepared for the result because it is MIND-BLOWING!

What led me into seeking out pills to help me was like I said; I was having issues getting an erection. But after taking VigRX Plus, I started experiencing the following:

  • My erections are now at my beck and call anytime any day
  • I have bigger erections and they are solid rock when I have them
  • No more having to lose my erection halfway into sexual intercourse like I used to
  • My orgasm now is very deep and when I cum, it?s really HUGE!
  • My overall health is much better as I have more energy to get by the day

So, with all these experiences of mine, do I recommend VigRX Plus? Without any hesitation, I say a big YES!

You get to start enjoying it from a few weeks into it, because you get to finally get full value for your money because then you can call up an erection without needing to take the pill to do so.

Why did I choose VigRX Plus?

It all started about 3 months ago on one of those stormy nights. I had my beautiful girlfriend over at my house and on this particular night, she was sleeping next to me on my bed. My thoughts were all over the place and I wanted nothing but to impress this girl each and every time she wanted us to get down. With this desire being so strong, I got my phone and couldn?t help visiting the VigRX Plus website again still trying to make up my mind on whether to give it a try after many other male enhancement pills had failed me.

I just could not carry on with the way things were because I really had a hard time getting an erection. And when I did, it barely lasted long before it goes limp again. So frustrating. And the worst was that my girlfriend was already getting fed up with the situation. Without needing any more nudge, I made up my mind to give VigRX Plus a trial. I had previously read a lot of good reviews on it and so it was a little easy to decide to give it a trial.

With the thought of losing the wonderful relationship I have with my girl over this issue, I finally braced up and ordered 4 months supply of VigRX Plus for myself. I was quite excited when it was eventually delivered in my mail.

I like that they were discreet about it and had it delivered in a brown box with no indication of what it was. I didn?t want my girlfriend to tell what it was that I had ordered; at least not until I can testify to its effectiveness.

Out of excitement, I couldn?t wait to get inside the house before I popped a pill into my mouth.

The actual dosage is one pill in the morning and another one in the evening. I was diligent in following the routine because I was eager to see results.

My experience after 2 weeks of staying true to VigRX Plus was, in my opinion, a SCAM!

Or so I thought.

I did my best to make sure that I did not miss taking the pills 2 times a day as instructed. And yet, I did not see any difference after being on the pill for 2 weeks.

For me, I had fallen for another scam and threw my hard-earned money into the trash bin. ?I expected to have seen results within the 2 weeks I have been on it.

I almost threw the whole pack into the trash as well, but on second thought, something told me to go back and read the reviews of people that have made use of the pill to see if there was anything they did differently to get the results they claimed to have gotten.

That was when I discovered that VigRX Plus was not like other prescription pills that are meant to start working immediately.

With further reading, I discovered that it was supposed to have kicked into your body system before you are expected to start seeing results.

With this new discovery, I decided to give it another try and continue using it since others used theirs longer than 2 weeks before they saw results.

And after about 4 weeks, My oh My, I was practically BREATHLESS from the MASSIVE result I got with VigRX Plus.

How did I know there was a difference? I woke up with this HUGE?erection and I can?t remember ever having such even as a teenager.

Did my girlfriend notice? You guessed right. She was all over me that morning and we ended up with some great sex.

I was surprised that I could go as long as I did and not even for once did my erection become weak!

And the orgasm? Let?s just say it I wished it could last forever.

I couldn?t contain my joy at realizing that finally, VigRX Plus has worked for me. And I was most thankful that I was able to finally satisfy my girlfriend as I have always wanted to.

My result with VigRX Plus after 3 months of use

I want to start by thanking my stars and those guys I read their reviews about VigRX Plus. They saved me from getting rid of this pill and dismissing it as another crap.

In the 3 months that I have been using VigRX Plus, I can say that my results keep getting better.

The first 4 weeks when I started using it was not so wonderful but I?m glad I was patient enough to at least finish the pack I had ordered for.

My results so far after 3 months

  • Solid erections on a daily basis
  • Hard erections at my beck and call whenever I wanted
  • All the way hard erection during sex; no more going limp halfway
  • My penis feels bigger perhaps due to the hard erections I now have
  • Morning wood (morning erection) on a more frequent basis
  • My cum has increased in volume since I started taking VigRX Plus
  • Longer lasting orgasm that feels out of this world
  • I have noticed a new surge in the level of energy I wake up with ready to take on the world

If anyone had told me some months ago that my results will lead me to write a review on VigRX Plus, I would not have believed it.

Today, I am gladly sharing the gospel of VigRX Plus. I am really happy to have finally found something that works for me after many trials with other pills.

I feel like a new person. I am energetic, I feel like I am a teenager again.

And I cannot thank VigRX Plus enough for saving my relationship that was almost at the brink of breaking up due to my erection issues and inability to satisfy my girlfriend.

What more can I say?

If you are experiencing what I experienced in the past with getting hard and lasting erections, then do yourself a favor and get VigRX Plus. I can bet my last penny that it will work for you since it worked for me when every other thing failed.

And remember? VigRX Plus is not magic and does not promise to work like one. ?You need to be patient with it and allow it to build up in your body and start working its wonders. Believe me, it will be WORTH THE WAIT!

And don?t fall victim to fakes that are all over the internet. It is only normal that if something works, imitators will come up with a fake version to rip off unsuspecting individuals.

To avoid this, make sure you only order from the original VigRX Plus website HERE.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on VigRX Plus and if you have any questions, feel free to post it in the comment section.

What is VigRX Plus?

In simple terms, VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplement that contains potent natural ingredients for guys looking to enjoy better sex and restore their ego.

It is being sold by Leading Edge Health which is a reputable company that has been in operation since 2001 with a good recommendation.

VigRX Plus is to be taken 2 pills a day with each box lasting you for up to 30 days. From research, VigRX Plus receives 98.5 reorder rate from users who have used it and experienced the following:

  • They can revive their erections better than it used to be before using the pill
  • Increase in libido and the ability to have an erection at will
  • Longer, thicker and bigger erections of up to half an inch
  • Intense and long-lasting orgasm
  • Overall improvement in vitality and general wellbeing

Some people like me started getting the benefits after weeks of use while many others reportedly starting seeing the effect from the very first day they started taking the pill.

Does VigRX Plus have any side effects?

I am yet to come across anyone that experienced adverse side effect as a result of making use of VigRX Plus. Since it is made up of mostly natural ingredients, there really isn?t any negative side effect from using this pill.

How soon can you start seeing the result with VigRX Plus?

I checked out their website and found the following:

Month one

You should start experiencing longer-lasting erection as well as some expansion in the width of the penis especially when erect.

Month two

You will notice that your sexual stamina and overall energy is on the increase. Also, your penis growth will be more visible at this point especially when you take a look in the mirror.

Month three

This time around, there is no doubt that your penis will definitely look and feel stronger and harder more than you ever envisaged.

You get to save big money when you order more boxes of VigRX Plus at once.

Clinical Study of VigRX Plus

An independent testing was carried out VigRX Plus by Vedic Lifesciences to determine if truly this pill is as effective and safe as the manufacturer of the pill claimed. A triple-blind study was conducted on 75 men who were within the age of 25 and 50 years.

The test lasted for 84 days or 12 weeks.

Half of the participants were placed on a VigRX Plus while the other half received a placebo.

At the end of the 12 weeks, the results came in and it showed the following:

  • 63% of the men involved in the study said that they noticed an increase in their ability to get and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse
  • 59% of the female partners of some of the men in the study admitted that the penetration was better and more satisfactory as a result of VigRX Plus
  • 23% of the men said their orgasm increased while on the pills
  • 72% admitted to having an increase in sexual satisfaction

At the end of the study, none of the participants in the study complained of any negative effect of the VigRX Plus on them. The interesting part is that 90% of those involved in the study said they would continue using VigRX Plus even after the end of the study.

You can read more about the study HERE.

What is contained in VigRX Plus?

Having read so much about this pill so far, you would naturally want to know what it is made of. Here is a breakdown of the contents of VigRX Plus.

Korean Red Ginseng:?red ginseng is known to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction and impotence. This discovery was made by the Asians hundreds of years ago when they started taking the root of red ginseng. It is also known to reduce the risk of diabetes, stress and boost energy.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf:?this leaf is very good in keeping the body alert and in clearing the mind. It is also a good antioxidant that the Chinese people have taken advantage of in their medicine.

Tribulus Terrestris:?the aim of this ingredient is to increase libido by increasing your testosterone levels. The result is that you will have more energy and feel younger.

Muira Puama Bark:?speaking of natural aphrodisiac and you have got to recognize the potency of this ingredient. It is also helpful for those suffering from joint pain (this has been my personal experience as well).

Epimedium Leaf:?also known as ?horny goat weed,? the Chinese made the discovery a long time ago that this leaf is helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and for increasing libido. It also fights against premature ejaculation.

Saw Palmetto Berry: what this ingredient does is to increase testosterone levels and reduce estrogen levels in the body. It also encourages blood flow to the penis by encouraging expansion of the walls of the chambers of the penis. It has also been found to be helpful in fighting against prostate cancer.

Hawthorne Berry:?this is another ingredient that helps you achieve harder and bigger erections as it encourages more blood flow to the penis.

Damiana Leaf:?Mexicans do not joke with this leaf as it boosts their urge for sex. Doctors had to take a look at this leaf and found that it contains natural aphrodisiac and helps men who suffer from erectile dysfunction as well.

Catuaba Bark Extract:?Brazilians were the first to discover the potency of this extract in boosting sexual performance. They usually add this extract to their tea.

Cuscuta Seed: known to increase sexual desire, Cuscuta seed is also known to increase sperm count for people with low sperm count. It is also a mood booster as it increases the feel-good hormone (oxytocin levels) in the body.

Bioperine: as mentioned in the beginning of this review, Bioperine is a vital ingredient contained in VigRX Plus. Its role is to ensure that all these ingredients contained in this pill are not urinated out of the body as is always the case with most of the pills we take. It helps the body absorb all these ingredients for maximum effect.

I can say that VigRX Plus made time to seek out these ingredients that people take individually which are known to help male sexual health and combined them into one pill.

Pros and Cons of VigRX Plus


  • Harder erections: say goodbye to poor erection and erectile dysfunction
  • Intense orgasm
  • Ability to maintain an erection for a longer period
  • More energy and vitality
  • Proven to work by most of the users


  • Can be a little too pricey for those that cannot afford it
  • Takes some time for the effect to kick in
  • The results are not permanent

FAQs about VigRX Plus

How long before you see results??Mine took 4 weeks while others took lesser time.

Will my penis increase in size: you will notice a visible bigger erect penis

Is VigRX Plus safe:?I would yes because I have not had any negative effect and have not read about any.

What happens when I stop taking VigRX Plus??I am still using it and cannot say for sure what to expect.

Find more answers to your questions HERE.


VigRX Plus comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose or be afraid of. If unsatisfied, you can always contact them and ask for a full refund.

BEWARE of where you buy VigRX Plus because there are a lot of fakes on eBay and Amazon. Only buy from the manufacturer?s? Official Website to get genuine products and money-back guarantee.

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