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Welcome to Buffalo Report! Today, I am going to be talking about SizeGenetics for those of you who are looking for a device that will help you grow the size of your penis.

As you may already know, I do not talk about a product I am yet to make use of. So, I had to get this device for myself and tried it out so that I can discuss the outcome with my readers. I have tried Quick extender Pro and Phallosan before.

What you are about to read is my honest opinion about SizeGenetics having used it for one year and counting.

What is SizeGenetics?

Since 2001, SizeGenetics has been selling online and has not slowed down ever since. It is a Type 1 medical device that has been clinically tested and proven to extend the size of the penis. The device has approval from the FDA as an external penile rigidity device. It is only one of the few best selling popular extenders which go the extra length for proper FDA approval (which is rare in this niche).

According to the manufacturer of the product, you should expect the following when making use of SizeGenetics:

  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Increase in the size of your penis by inches
  • Ability to satisfy your woman better than before
  • Long-lasting and stronger erections
  • Strengthening of the curved penis or Peyronie’s disease

How does SizeGenetics enlarge the penis?

SizeGenetics employs the help of what is known as “stretching” to gradually increase the size of the penis. It stretches the penis and causes the cells in the penis to break down and increase in size when rebuilding itself. It makes use of a process known as Cytokinesis which is a traction method. This is similar to resistance training done for biceps though penis tissues are different from regular muscles. It also increases the size of your penis by increasing the level of blood that flows to the penis.

Clinical studies that back the effectiveness of SizeGenetics

One thing people like me love about SizeGenetics is that it has undergone clinical research to find out if truly it is able to deliver on its promises.

In a study carried out in 2008, 15 men were chosen to partake in the study. Each of the participants in the study wore the device for at least 4 hours a day for a period of 6 months.

After 6 months, the participants achieved the following results:

  • An average of 1 inch (2.3cm) increase in the flaccid length of their penis
  • An average of .67 inches (1.7cm) increase in the erect length of their penis

The results showed that indeed, participants achieved an increase with some gaining more than others.

Evidence suggests that penile extenders are effective minimally invasive methods of penile lengthening. The application of such devices can be recommended in all patients regardless of the penile length.

In conclusion, level 4 evidence (according to the Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine) suggests that penile extenders are effective minimally invasive methods of penile lengthening, although further studies,preferably comparative, should be performed to gain more scientific evidence. [1]

It also goes to prove that the traction method which is the science behind SizeGenetics also works in increasing the size of the penis.

What does NOT work?

Before I tried out penis extenders, I made use of various male enhancement pills. Some of those pills did help me in getting better erections, it had no effect on permanent size even after using for more than 6 months. I wanted to grow the size of my penis on a permanent basis and not a worn off thing. Even though I was getting better erections and I was able to maintain them, I was not happy with the side effects I was getting. I had terrible headaches, body aches, dizziness, digestive problems, etc. At one time I tried to stay away from enhancement pills and I noticed my erections were getting weaker. I didn’t want to rely on enhancement pills for the rest of my life and during this period of time, I started searching for other solutions. So, do not believe that any magic enhancement pill can get your permanent increase in length. At best, you can get a better erection (due to better blood flow), which can give an apparent increase in size. But, it is not permanent and comes with a risk of side-effects. Anybody saying otherwise, mostly trying to scam you. There absolutely no scientific or empirical evidence in favor of pills for size gains,

Another popular advice is penis exercises. Though many users have reported good results while using in combination with extenders, there is no evidence(clinical study) of such exercises resulting in a permanent increase in sizes. Though exercises can help your overall penile health due to better blood flow, you should not depend solely on jelqing and stretching for permanent gains.

It was in the process of searching for something that works that I read about penis extenders. I read extensively on penis extenders (almost 10+ research papers) and realized that they were indeed the surest way of increasing the size of the penis permanently. So, I ordered a few of them among which was SizeGenetics. I used each of them for a few months and made a switch to the other.

What makes SizeGenetics better than the other extenders?

Sizegenetics promises a bigger penis with a money-back guarantee. Is it too good to be true?

I chose Sizegenetics mostly for these 2 reasons.

  1. It is an FDA approved device. The device is clinically tested. Before putting something on my penis, for 100s of hours, I want to make sure, the design is foolproof.
  2. A lot of satisfied users on Reddit and various online communities.

3. I knew comfort plays a huge role in success as it determines how many hours you can wear the device consistently. The penis is the most delicate part of our body, nobody wants something uncomfortable down there. SizeGenetics has a soft plastic rubber strap with no nooses. There is also extra padding in the Premium Package, providing you with maximum ease. Whether you are circumcised or not, SizeGenetics works perfectly fine no matter what.

Sizegenetics Ultimate unboxed

I went for the most premium version (Ultimate) as I wanted all possible tools to achieve gains.

Though my initial days were a bit awkward, after a while you won’t even notice you have it on. It took me a week before I got used to it.

In the beginning, I was measuring my penis twice a day, expecting immediate results. Don’t do this! You can’t just magically make it bigger overnight, there is no magic pill. If it was that easy everyone would have done it till now. By doing this you are just putting yourself in a position to give up and fail. It takes time, consistency, and determination to see results, be patient.

It is recommended that you take it slowly in the beginning, use the lowest tension, and don’t do it for more than two hours. Doing this will keep you safe from injuries since your penis is not used to being pulled for hours. As time passes gradually increase the tension and make your sessions longer. The more you use it the better the results.

My results with SizeGenetics

To be honest, I was doubtful about all this before I even started and that didn’t change for some time. I was trying SizeGenetics just to prove myself that this isn’t legit if that makes sense. A part of me always believed this was a scam, but a part of me also kept hoping for the opposite. Fortunately, I kept going on. My starting length was 3.4 inches flaccid and 6.2 inches erect, with a girth of 4.4 inches. The size of my erect penis always varied, since I couldn’t always get full erections. It was hard for me to maintain them, too.

I started noticing drastic changes in the first month. It was easier for me to get strong erections and I wasn’t having problems maintaining them. My orgasms also felt better and longer since my blood flow had been improved. Surely this was great news, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I was eager in seeing an increase in size and I wasn’t planning on stopping.

The first time I noticed my penis had become bigger was by the fourth month. It could have happened even earlier, I just limited measuring it on fewer occasions since I didn’t want to get obsessed over it. I took the ruler out and saw my penis had become bigger by 0.7 inches. It was at this moment I realized I didn’t want to stop. My motivation just went through the roof. All of a sudden I wasn’t doubting this product anymore I was looking forward to the next measuring. I mean, the results were right in front of my eyes.

Slowly but surely I was taking this whole thing more seriously. At the start of the sixth month, I had basically gained 1.1 inches in length. It was hardly a great feeling looking down on my penis and seeing it had grown up significantly. In just half a year I had gained considerable size and I was pretty confident in myself. It was nice being able to tell someone that I was in the 7 inches + club.

I also suffered from mild Peyronie’s Disease. My penis had a bit curve aiming to the left. This can be painful and unpleasant when having sex. I noticed good results with the curvature of my penis, it started to get straighter which made it appear bigger than before. SizeGenetics was being successful with one of my biggest insecurities, I couldn’t be any happier.

During this time I was doing all kinds of tasks wearing the SizeGenetics device. It had become a part of my body and I wouldn’t even notice I was wearing it. I was wearing it going to work, going out with my friends, in my free time, anywhere. I was easily wearing it for more than seven hours a day and it never bothered me. You should remove the device every now and then so blood flow is restored to the penis. After that, you can reattach the device.

I also rested on a few occasional days. This is a very important step, just like every other muscle the penis needs to rest, too. If you don’t have any days off you’re leading yourself to injuries.

Moving forward it was much easier mentally for me. I understood this product was the real deal, I was just wondering about the maximum potential for myself. I was looking forward to the 1-year mark to see how much I had gained.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when one year passed, I had gained around 1.5 inches! I gained motivation for anything, basically, my life improved by a huge margin.

My penis length increased from 5.2 inches to 6.7 inches in just a year and my girth also increased by 0.5 inches. Going from average size to a big one felt great. But do note that I did not get those results overnights. It takes time and determination to start seeing the effect of SizeGenetics.

I took a two-week break to see if the results were temporary since I was wearing this device every day. This was the thing I feared the most during the time. Fortunately, my penis stayed the same, the results are permanent. I’m going to continue using SizeGenetics to see if I can achieve better numbers. To be honest, even if I don’t gain more size in the future I can not complain. SizeGenetics has fulfilled one of my biggest dreams and I am very thankful for that.

How much gain should you expect?

Here is a screenshot of the clinical study* of 10 participants who used Sizegenetics(older design but similar design) extender. Overall, they got a 28% gain in 4-6 months.


*Non-Surgical Penile Elongation using Tissue Extension TRACTIVE ELONGATION OF THE PENIS BY
MEANS OF STRETCHING, Author: Jrn Ege Siana, MD, Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen

If you are a newbie at this you are more likely to get faster results. If you haven’t used penis extenders before you are looking at a 0.5-1.5-inch increase in the first 6-9 months. Note that, many users achieve similar results in 4-6 months but it is better to keep expectations on the lower side as newbies take time to get used to extenders.

If you have gained 1-1.5 inches there is still a possibility that your penis might still grow since there is no exact number for the maximum gain you can achieve. This varies from person to person considering that we all have different lifestyles and genetic capacities. These play a huge role in this case. Take notice that these numbers are averages for people who wear the device for more than six hours a day for more than eight months. You can still see improvement for less time, it all depends on your goals. There’s only so much you can gain in size, so if you haven’t used similar devices you can profit the most.

Advantages of SizeGenetics

  • Doctors endorsed
  • Safe to use
  • Clinically proven to work
  • Type 1 medical device
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gives permanent penis growth

We all have doubts when trying something new that we aren’t used to. Many people will wonder about this device’s side effects and whether it is healthy or not. If you aren’t convinced by the good feedback from clients worldwide, you can check medical reviews made by doctors and experts in this niche. It’s classified as a class 1 medical device. This means SizeGenetics is a device with low risk to patient’s health. Your growth is permanent, unlike some devices (penis pumps such as Bathmate Hydromax or Penoment) which provide mostly temporary gains. If you’re not satisfied with this product you can get a full refund. With all these advantages there is no reason to not choose SizeGenetics.

Disadvantages of SizeGenetics

  • The result is not immediate
  • Expensive to purchase

Personally I don’t consider these as disadvantages. If it comes fast it will not last. Big achievements take time and it’s up to you to decide whether the price is right or not. It might be hard in the beginning because you have to remove the device every time you go to the toilet, but you can use this period of time to regain blood flow to the penis so it isn’t such a big deal.

How does SizeGenetics compare to penis pumps?

You may have heard about penis pumps. They are a great way for instant erection, girth increase, and temporary gains. I have used Bathmate myself, which is a? penis pump, and even though I liked it a lot I think everyone is looking for permanent results and not temporary ones that fade very quickly. Most guys would agree that Bathmate is a fun device to use since you get instant results, however, it’s not a long term device. SizeGenetics is the best length device out there which will help you get your ideal size, permanently.

Extra things you can do to maximize your gains

How much you gain in size depends on various things. Apart from wearing the device according to instructions, certain lifestyle habits and nutrition can also play a big part. If you smoke you should stop immediately. Smoking clogs the arteries of our body decreasing blood flow to the penis which could affect the quality of your erections and even shrink your penis over time. Going to the gym and good nutrition will increase your testosterone levels allowing you to have your desired erections.

Where to order SizeGenetics

Beware and do not fall for the fake SizeGenetics that scammers are selling to unsuspecting victims. The only way to be sure you are buying the real deal is by making your order from the manufacturer?s website. Using fake SizeGenetics devices will lead to injury and you won’t see any improvements.

You can choose between three packages: Value Edition, Comfort Pack, and Ultimate System. Each coming at different prices, SizeGenetics provides great discounts which will save you quite some money. Not only that, SizeGenetics also offers free shipping allowing you some extra cash for yourself. Take some pictures of your penis before you use SizeGenetics so if you aren’t satisfied with their extender you can provide before and after proof to get a full refund.

Extra $10 Discount+ $200 Off Sale+ FREE Shipping

Upto $200 Off Sale on Official SizeGenetics

Upto $200 Off Sale on Official SizeGenetics

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Since I have made use of SizeGenetics, I can tell you that it is one of the best penis extenders you can get today.

But you need to use it for at least 4 months to be able to start seeing permanent gains. Then you can aim for the 6-7+ hours wear or more for at least 6 times a week.

If money isn’t an issue for you I suggest you buy the Ultimate System. It has all the accessories needed so when you increase in size you won’t have to order more pads, which is the case with the cheaper packages.

I can not emphasize enough how much SizeGenetics will improve your life. It won’t just improve your sex life, it will make you more comfortable in your own skin. Don’t just do it for the females, do it for yourself.

And the best part is that when you make your order, it will arrive in discreet shipping. You will be very glad of the result you will get when you dutifully follow up with using SizeGenetics. You can check more details about the product on their official website.

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