Penis extenders are devices that apply a traction force to make your penis bigger. There are actually quite a few brands that offer this device, and one of the more famous ones is Pro Extender. It’s a European brand that’s available in up to 29 countries, and it’s reputable enough that it has been used in 60 clinics and hospitals. They’ve been in the penile enhancement industry for many years now, and they claim more than half a million customers worldwide.

This also isn’t just for making your penis longer and bigger. The device can also be used to straighten your penis if you think that there?s too much curvature on your penis. This condition is called Peyronie?s disease, and this device is one of the available treatment options.

Pro extender Unboxed
ProExtender Unboxed

How Does It Work?

When you build bigger muscles, experts tell you that you need to lift weights. The weights cause muscle tears, so your muscles react by rebuilding using the protein in your body. As a result, you get bigger muscles.

The way that the Pro Extender works is similar. The device stretches your flaccid penis, and this causes the penile tissues to divide and multiply. That means your penis gains extra mass, becoming longer and bigger to compensate for the stretching. This stretching also helps to straighten out a penis that?s overly curved.

Strap Demo
Pro Extender Strap- How it is worn

You do have to do this for months, and for several hours a day. It’s a very gradual process, but scientists have confirmed that it actually works. It’s actually what a doctor might recommend as your first option for penile enhancement, rather than going with penile surgery right away.


My Personal Results

The first few weeks, it was all about getting into the habit of wearing it. I just set it on and then find a nice comfortable traction level to use at first. I started with an hour or two a day until I got used to the feeling. As each week passed, I managed to increase the traction force and the length of use each day.

After a month I thought there were some size gains. What’s more, I noticed that my sexual experiences felt much better. My erections lasted longer and the volume of my semen increased. The orgasms were particularly memorable.



After about 2 months I had to extend the length of the device to accommodate the size gains of about half an inch. That was rather nice. When I looked at myself naked in the mirror, I noticed that my flaccid penis seemed bigger. It hung longer and thicker.

I persisted, and after 6 months I measured myself to objectively note the improvements. My penis was thicker, and it was also longer by about an inch. That’s a big deal, as it’s great when my 4.5-inch penis became 5.5 inches long. An inch makes a real difference.

It also made a difference in the way I felt. I know that people can?t see it, but the knowledge that my penis was bigger somehow made me more confident. This did wonder for my social life, and it also somehow made my work performance much better. I dealt well with customers and clients at work and was able to engage with coworkers more smoothly. As you can see, it’s not really all about just sex!

Pro Extender Packages

This comes in 2 package options. The Original Pro Extender goes for $300, and it comes in a cardboard case. The case includes a comfort strap along with a set of 2-inch elongation bars. This is meant for a penis ranging from 2 to 7 inches.

There’s also the Deluxe Pro Extender which is much better and more comfortable, and the case is made of metal. However, it costs $400. You do get extras, including 2 sets of 2-inch elongation bars, a set of half-inch elongation bars, a silicone tube strap, and a comfort strap. This version is for a penis that measures within 2 to 9 inches. If your penis is longer than 7 inches, you have to pick this one (that is, if somehow you still want to get bigger.

How to Use Pro Extender

Use the instruction manual to assemble the device properly, and then you can start. You just need to make sure that you get the length of the device right so that when you wear it the head of the penis rests on the front piece of the device.

Once you get the length right, you can then loosen the strap at the front piece end so you can fasten the device over your penis. You insert the penis through the base ring, and the shaft will be between the 2 elongation bars. The head of the penis will be right on the front piece.

Once that’s done, you can then pull on the strap again to secure the penis on the device. The strap should be right under the head of the penis. If you’re uncircumcised, you can have the foreskin on place or rollback. It’s up to you. You then tuck in the ends of the strap in the space on the side so the ends don’t slip.

Now on the elongation bars, there are screws that let you fine-tune the length of the bars and to adjust the traction force on your penis. You do need to make adjustments on both sides (both elongation tubes) so the extender doesn’t bend to one side.

You have 3 marks on the elongation bars indicating the force of the traction. These are set to 900, 1200, and 1500 grams. You’re best served by starting slow at 900 grams, especially if you’re a newbie to penile extenders in general. You should be at this low setting for the first 2 or 3 weeks.

The bars may show the threads at the end if you extend it too far, and this means you shouldn?t extend the bars any longer. You’ve reached the limit. If you have the Deluxe set, you can add the extra extension rod to both sides of the device so you can extend the length farther.

It’s easy enough to remove this device from your penis. You just have to push the ends of the top strap up to loosen its hold on your penis. You can then just pull it off gently. There?s no need to disassemble the device when you’re done for the day, and you can then just slip it back on the next day.

Here’s a schedule that was used for a study that you can use in turn. You can set it to 900 grams for the first 2 weeks, starting for an hour or so if you’re feeling slightly uncomfortable. You can go longer if you don’t mind.

Once you’re able to go for 6 hours or so, you may want to increase the traction force to 1200. You can then get used to the feeling, and once you’re comfortable with it you can go up to 1500 grams.

Of course, you can set your own schedule. Some guys like to use it only 6 days a week, averaging 5 to 6 hours a day. But others may even go for 12 hours a day. You can go this long if you’re not feeling any discomfort that you can?t handle.

You may want to clean the device regularly, for hygienic reasons. Some soapy water and rinsing should be just fine. Just remember that your penis may get longer after just a month, so you may need to extend the elongation bars to accommodate the new length.


These are the advantages of the Pro Extender:

  1. First off, it’s not really all that expensive. That’s true compared to penile surgery. There are also some other penile extenders that are much more expensive.
  2. It’s been bought and used by more than half a million customers, so it has a solid reputation.
  3. It’s very easy to assemble. Once that?s done, there?s no need to disassemble it when you’re taking it off.
  4. It’s really very easy to use as well. Slip it on, secure it, make some adjustments on the bars, and you’re basically done. It’s not rocket science.
  5. The device is very lightweight, and it’s also comfortable to wear. After a while, you can even forget that it?s there. You can wear this for hours at a stretch, or when you’re sleeping.
  6. You don’t have to use it for too long each day. Some guys wear it only for 2 to 3 hours a day and still get decent results.
  7. It doesn’t really cause any skin reactions. But if in your case you develop a reaction, you can always use cream or baby powder.
  8. Everything’s very discreet, so no one knows about your own business. The outside of the package you receive upon delivery won’t indicate what?s inside. The credit card statement is also innocuous, with charges appearing as or
  9. It’s very effective, especially when you use it for many hours at a time. Lots of customers have attested to its effectiveness.
  10. It’s portable too, as it comes in a nice case with slots for the components. You don’t have to miss using it when you’re traveling.


Here are some drawbacks that you should factor in as well:

  1. There are some other penile extenders that are much more affordable as well.
  2. You should still wear it for 8 hours a day for the best results, and that still will require 6 months before you get the results you want. This certainly doesn’t work overnight. It takes a lot of time.
  3. It can get uncomfortable at first if you’re new to penile extenders in general. You may feel a bit sore at first, although the sensation isn’t as uncomfortable as the soreness after a strenuous gym workout.
  4. You will need to remove the device when you urinate or have sex. Fortunately, removing the device doesn’t take much time and effort.

Some of the popular alternatives are Phallosan Forte and Sizegenetics.

Compared to other Penile Extenders

The Pro Extender can hold its own when compared side by side to other high-quality penile extenders. The price is just right, as it’s not too cheap or expensive. It’s just as easy to assemble, use, and clean. In fact, it?s easier than most to remove from the penis when you need to urinate.

It’s also very lightweight compared to other similar devices. It’s really much more comfortable to wear so that you can wear them for many hours.

At the same time, it?s also very effective. You don’t have to use it for long each day. But if you want to use it for many hours, you can. Unlike other devices, there?s really no set limit to how long you can use the Pro Extender at a time.

ProExtender is one of the less comfortable extenders I have tried to date but it might be value for money for some users. I would recommend Quick Extender Pro or Male Edge if you want to get more comfortable usage. If you want to go for Proextender here is the best deal for the same.

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What Other Customers Are Saying

Comments from other customers are very similar. Many chose Pro Extender because of its solid reputation and reasonable price and were gratified with the results. It has worked for many guys, which explains why it remains very popular.

It’s also very comfortable compared to other penile extenders in the market. Other devices can be rather uncomfortable to wear for long, but this one is easy to wear for many hours each day. Some say that after an hour or so, they can even forget they’re wearing the device. This is why quite a few guys have said that they’ve worn this under loose clothes out in public.

All in all, customer response is overwhelmingly positive. The general consensus is that while it certainly isn’t?t cheap, it’s also worth the money. It’s a great choice.

Where to Buy

While the Pro Extender is available at a number of online retail sites, it?s ultimately best to just buy it from the official website. There you can be sure that the transaction is secure, and that you are getting the real deal. You can also get a 6-month guarantee.

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Bruce JPenis extenderPenis extenders are devices that apply a traction force to make your penis bigger. There are actually quite a few brands that offer this device, and one of the more famous ones is Pro Extender. It's a European brand that's available in up to 29 countries, and it's reputable...Buffalo Report