At the end of trading on Friday the Euro reduced against the US dollar 1.0496, going down 1.31 percent for the day’s trade. The Euro has become weak since the European Central Bank’s announcement of their quantitative easing program worth about one trillion Euro. And even reduced more following ECB’s purchasing of bonds on Monday.


United States dollar index increased to 100.32 rising 1.22 percent later on Friday. Against the Pound, the Euro also reduced  to 0.7116. The EUR/ JPY pair reduced to 127.36.


Below is a focus on the events within the week March 16th to 20th that will impact the trading market as it concerns the EUR/USD pair.

On Monday, New York’s manufacturing data reports will be published with housing reports as well in the United States. Bundesbank of Germany’s report is also expected from the Eurozone.

On Tuesday, Housing and building data will be published in the United States while the Eurozone expects to show data concerning Germany’s economic situation.

On Wednesday, the United States Federal Reserve will publish federal rates with the outline of the rate.

And then on Thursday, manufacturing data of Philadelphia will be published, and the United States unemployment claims data also.

There are no notable activity on Friday that would affect the EUR/USD pair.