90 billion US dollars will be returned to the shareholders of General Electric Company, as the company plans on shedding the majority of the finances, in an attempt to become a clean industrial business, opposed to the current burdensome manufacturing and banking hybrid.


General Electric presented a plan to restructure the company on Friday, which includes repurchasing 50 billion US dollars worth of shares, selling real estate assets worth 30 billion US dollars before 2017, and pulling back the capital from the GE Capital operations. The value of General Electric Co. stocks rose 8.5%.

First New York Securities’ co-head of equity trading, Tom Donino said that “The stock has been under-owned by institutional investors, and that’s going to change now.”

The 35 billion US dollars taken from GE Capital will be reinvested in re buying the GE shares, worth 50 billion US dollars. The plan to repurchase the company shares is the second largest in the business history, second only to the 90 billion dollars plan that Apple Incorporated presented. The 10.06 billion outstanding shares, on January 31st, will be reduced to around 8 billion, or by 20%, when the repurchase program is completed in 2018.

General Electric company plans on keeping at least 90 billion US dollars in finance assets from the sale of medical equipment, jet engines and the electrical grid and power generationgear. In 2015, General Electric is predicted to earn around 1.75 US dollars per each share, with the 60 cents from GE Capital included. The profit is predicted to be significantly higher in 2018, said one of the executives of GE to the analysts. Although the shrinking of the GE Capital could decline the earning as much as 25 cents, the repurchase of the stocks is expected to compensate for the impact.