The focus of the market could move to the micro aspect, from the current macro next week. The investors hopping for stocks gains are looking forward to the next earning report, which is hopefully going to be at least a bit stronger than the last, disappointing, one.


The latest reading indicate that a 2.8% drop in earnings growth, continuing the trend of plummeting earnings expectations in recent weeks. The 2.8% fall was influenced by the diminishing predictions in the sector of energy. The disappointing report that came in on Friday, showing low rate of jobs growth will certainly amplify the economic growth concern.

With the low oil prices, it is not surprising at all that the earnings of companies in the energy sector are expected to decline almost 64% compared to the last year. The earnings in the energy sector have declined a whopping 22% in the last nine months, with the recent 3.6% fall in the first quarter of 2015 adding to that number.

The stocks have been weighted recently by the economic data that was weaker than expected, due to the consumer spending, jobs in the United States private sector, etc. The Federal Reserve has pushed back the expected interest rates hike to the end of 2015, precisely because of the underperforming figures. This could have the positive effect on the market, but the weak numbers are a concern, TIAA-CREF global investment strategist Daniel Morris said in New York. “We view this payroll number as more negative than positive for U.S. equities,” the strategist added.

Higher labor costs, caused by the strong U.S. dollar also affected the numbers, but experts concur that there are more relevant factors. The trading session on Friday, showed a fall in equity future around 1%.