44The Merkel-Tsipras meeting in Berlin could boost the Euro, while scheduled Federal Reserve talks guideline the US dollar.

The Greek financial deal is being discussed in Berlin, between the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Threatening notes, which have been coming from Germany and Greece in the past weeks, have raised tensions. Regardless of the rhetoric, both sides are keen on securing an agreement, and reaching a deal. If today’s negotiations provide us with a positive development, it may cause the rise of the Euro, and soar the oil prices.

The public eye will be on the speculations on the Federal Reserve monetary policy later that day. Federal Reserve San Francisco branch President John Williams and Federal Reserve vice Chair Stanley Fisher will start the planed commentary, which will last a week. The Federal funds futures are likely to raise in September, which influenced the rates “liftoff” timeline, after the FOMC meeting last week. The calm tones may be backed up by the strength of the US dollar, with some indications that the mid-year hike could encourage the further growth of the dollar.

The overnight trade showed the rise of The Australian and New Zealand dollar. Australian dollar rose 0.7%, and the New Zealand dollar went up even more, 1.2%. The dynamics of this was caused by the rise of risk appetite. The regional benchmark stock index of MSCI Asia Pacific went up 0.8%. On the other hand, the Swiss Franc held weakly and weakened 0.5 percent.