Today, the values of Bitcoin closed slightly above 3 US dollars. BTC/USD opened at 245.79 US dollars, and reached its peak at 252.26 US dollars in the middle of the day. The following sell off knocked the prices back to 249.01 after a short period. BTC-E prices of 251 US dollars apiece are being overshoot by 2 US dollars, both by OKCoin and BitStamp.


The range was only about 8 US dollars today, and no critical levels have been reached due to the minute movement of the price. The 300 US dollars level is a high-level to watch, contrasting the low end number of 235 US dollars. The 225 and 210 US dollars support levels could be opened by this. The resistance levels over the 300 US dollars marks are expected to be at 334 US dollars, and 350 US dollars, consecutively.

The 14.000.000 bitcoin mined number is approaching, and it is expected to be reached in a couple of days. Approximately 13.995.800 bitcoins are presently circulating, the reported. If the level of 3.600 Bitcoins mined a day is maintained, the 14.000.000 number should be hit on Monday. This would indicate that we are entering the final third of Bitcoin waiting to me mined, since the number is fixed at 21 million. It is estimated that the final 1/3 will be mined for the next century, until 2140. As a reminder, it only took 6 years to mine the first 14.000.000 Bitcoin.

Each year, the growth of Bitcoin money supply is programmed to slow down. The inflation rate of Bitcoin in 2015 will be around 10%. In 2016, the amount of circulating Bitcoin will be increased by 9%. The mining rewards will be halved to 12.5 Bitcoin in the last months of 2016, by the protocol, the inflation rate is projected to drop excessively to only 4%.